PW F119 and GE F120


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1 April 2006
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Looking for color photos of PW F119 and GE F120 equipped with YF-23 nozzlez, AFAIK some photos were in AWST ca 1990-91. Thanks anyway:)
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Nothing. I found nice pics of the YF119-PW-100L which is the Lockheed variant here:

plus generic "2D vectoring" nozzle version.
Thanks, Paul, and there's not just YF-22 variant, YF-23 as well - that's PAV-1 in restoration facility in WPAFB Air Force Museum:

I've found some more pics on the web, (c) Phil Callihan


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Hey, you are right, I was correct and didn't even notice! I thought it was the right thing, due to the YF-23 in the picture, but from the angle of the pictures the nozzle didn't look correct. I found the other pics you posted too, but didn't notice the one with the great view of the YF-23 nozzle.

My only defence is that it was very late and I was tired ;)
Some more nozzle stuff


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One more.

  • David C. Aronstein, Michael J. Hirschberg, & Albert C. Piccirillo Advanced Tactical Fighter to F-22 Raptor: Origins of the 21st Century Air Dominance Fighter AIAA 1998


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Paul - thank you so much! Look what I digged -


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Higher res scan of YF120 nozzles in TIF format as requested by flateric


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Biggest difference is that Northrop found they could get all the manueverability they could use without going to vectoring nozzles, which greatly simiplified the back end of the YF-23.
AFAIK, Lamilloy tiles with active cooling added pretty weight penalty to nozzle trenches design, but at EMD a/c Lamilloy was substituted with composite heat-resistant covers. Needles to say that I still can't understand why cheaper and smarter design didn't win.
Does anyone know any dimensional data of PW F119 engine? In fact, figures of nozzle throat dimensions are of interest.
All I could dig is that inlet diameter approx. 46-47'. Or it's still classified/proprietary data? Would be funny because at least YF119 could be easily accessed at USAFM.


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Through what mechanism did the engines accomplish thrust reversal? I thought that it was a design requirement that wasn't dropped until after the prototypes had been made.
ScrutorAudax said:
Through what mechanism did the engines accomplish thrust reversal? I thought that it was a design requirement that wasn't dropped until after the prototypes had been made.

These engines did not have thrust reversing. The requirement was dropped in enough time that the YF-22 was designed without the requirement on the airframe. However, the YF-23 prototypes were already too far along to change their airframes, so the nacelles were still sized to have TR, but the engines never had that capability.

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