General Electric J101/SF small size F404 derivative

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Dec 27, 2005
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The J101/SF (for scaled fan), an 8,000lb thrust non-afterbuming engine aimed at the light trainer/fighter attack market, and one that is being offered by GE to power the remaining Taiwanese Indigenous Fighter aircraft still to be procured.
The third main initiative GE has underway in afterburning fighter engines is the J 101/SF. This 8,000-lb. dry thrust/12,000-lb. augmented thrust powerplant is an F404 technology derivative that is expected to incorporate a FADEC and accessories derived from the F120 program. With a projected weight of about 1,500 lb., the engine will have a thrust-to-weight of more than 8 to 1. The engine is expected to be about 134 in. long, and it will have an inlet diameter of approximately 24 in. GE began development work on the J101/SF in 1990, and expects that it could be in production as early as 1996
(AW&ST Oct. 28, 1991, p. 17).

Source: Aviation Week 20 January 1992


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