"Pulsejet Engines and American Helicopter Company" - article by Gene Liberatore


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12 July 2006
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Vertiflite magazine Spring 2009

Eugene Liberatore gives an excellent overview on the American Helicopter Company, describing the built XA-5, XA-6, XH-26 (XA-8) and the projected Model 175 (similar to the design here http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,1344.msg11108.html#msg11108) and Model 159. Don't miss to read this article, if you're interested in less-known helicopter designs ;) .
Great find my dear Boxkite,

and that means,Fairchild M-175 and M-159,as I think,please give us a little
info about them.
On page 62 of the article:

In addition, the company [-> AHC] conducted design studies of both an 8000 lb (3630 kg) payload pulsejet (Model 175), and a novel stowable rotor convertiplane (Model 159).

So these designs were on the drawing board before AHC was required by Fairchild in 1954.
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