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Proposed NASA budget could lead to a number of new X-Planes


Mar 6, 2009
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Again, cost for materials is the limiting factor. Hypersonic aircraft sounds like fun and would be interesting, but cost effective? No. And I mean by bean counters who don't care about the difference between an aircraft and a similar volume of lumber.
Actually to be fair to the bean-counter's there's a huge difference because the aircraft is going to have totally different economics over its lifetime than the volume of lumber :)

Hypersonic's has many of the same hype and issues that come with supersonic flight. They don't integrate well with high volume sub-sonic traffic, they have a naturally higher operations and maintenance cost, and they are likely going to run into multiple regulator issues. Now any and all of this can be solved, eventually, if you throw enough effort and money at the problems but that runs into the issue of a viable and sustainable market for the service advantages while avoiding the disadvantages in an economic manner. Cost effective goes further than the concern of the "bean-counters" in a sucessful business.