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29 January 2008
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I found this in, but the project has hold, disabled or smoke, has lai down in 2004 ???

According to the conceptual design, the basic specifications of the large landing ship of Project 11711E are the following:


Displacement, full-load, t about 5,000
Length, m 120
Breadth, m 16.5
Mean draught, m 3.6
Propulsion plant diesel (10D49)
Main engines (number x power), hp 2 x 5,000
Full speed, knots 18
Endurance, days 30
Crushing range at 16 knots, miles 3,500
Complement, men about 100
Multiple launch rocket system:
Number of systems 2
Caliber,140 mm

Self-defense weapons:
Number and type of artillery gun mounts
(barrels x caliber) 1 AK-176
(1 x 76mm), 2 AK-630 (6 x 30mm)
Helicopter Ka-29,
landing spot, hangar
Landing control system Modul-V
Military lift 13 60-ton tanks or 36 APCs;
300 troops

Project 11711
Last info


Photo: Bow part of large landing ship Ivan Gren.
Yantar Shipyard (Kaliningrad) plans to deliver Project 11711 large landing ship Ivan Gren to Russian Navy in 2012, reports press service of JSC Armalit-1 which produces pipeline accessories for the ship. As for now, 89 per cent items have been already supplied in accordance with the contract, says the press release. The ship's completion will last throughout 2011.

The ship is designed for landing operations, transportation of combat vehicles and equipment. Ivan Gren is capable to carry 13 main battle tanks (up to 60 tons each), or armored personnel carriers/infantry fighting vehicles (up to 36), or 300 marines.
According to, there are currently two Project 11711 large landing ships under order for the Black Sea Fleet (including the first of class nearing completion?). Interestingly, the website claims that there is a Large ASW Ship version of Project 11711, but doesn't give any more details. Based around the mother ship concept perhaps?


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The ship was finally launched.,13--desantnyj-korabl-proekta-11711-ivan-gren.5260.html
What is the current status?

Is it still in trials, or is it in service?
Are there additional units planned, or will there be a follow up design?
Model of Project 11711E on display at Euronaval 2014.

Via Google Translate:
Model large landing ship project 11711E development of "Neva Design Bureau" in the joint exposition of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" exhibition Euronaval 2014. As can be seen, the present model actually shows look to finish building the ship "Ivan Gren" project 11711 in the "final configuration". The armament of the ship, according to this model and handout consists of one 30-mm artillery installation AK-630M-2 "Duet" and two 30-mm gun mounts AK-630M-06. Le Bourget, 27/10/2014 (c) bmpd


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From February of last year, regarding Lamantin and other proposals:

Large landing ship "Ivan Gren"

The development of the next generation large landing ships began at the turn of the century. The basic project has been repeatedly adjusted in accordance with the changing views of the Russian Navy on the tactics of using and operating landing craft. Events in Syria once again confirmed that such ships are in great demand. Logistical support for the grouping of Russian troops and the government army deployed in the Arab Republic required the active use of the large landing ships projects 1171 and 775 of the Black Sea Fleet, involving the same type ships of the Northern and even the Pacific Fleets. The age of many is about fifty years or more, which, however, did not affect the successful nature of their use. Competent decisions of designers of the Nevsky Design Bureau make themselves felt.

A reliable, robust housing, coupled with a simple power installation, allow domestic past-generation large landing ships to still work as a Kalashnikov assault rifle. “The weapon must be simple and reliable. Trying to bring this idea to life, we strive to make the new generation ship as reliable as its predecessors. We really hope that a big series will go,” Yukhnin explains.

According to the results of tests and initial operation, the Russian Navy is satisfied with the technical solutions implemented in the ship of Project 11711. Accordingly, the Ministry of Defence decided to build another pair of such ships. "Vladimir Andreev" and "Vasily Trushin" laid at the Yantar Shipyard in the spring of this year. At the same time, the customer made a number of comments and suggestions. Based on them, a decision was made to improve the operational characteristics of Project 11711 ships. So, the aft superstructure moved forward, which, together with other measures, allowed the designers to increase the size of the hangar and helipad. The composition of the air group grew to four Ka-27s. This is a significant increase, against the background of the fact that the large landing ships of past generations did not have permanent helicopters at all, and could only temporarily take one machine to the upper deck section.

The greatest length increased by thirty meters, up to 150, width (on design waterline) - by two meters, up to 19.5, displacement - by two thousand tons (standard 7000, total 8000 tons). The possibility of using the ship and unmanned aerial vehicle is claimed. The ship will additionally receive a 76-mm artillery mount and an integrated electronic warfare subsystem. At the same time, the remaining technical solutions were preserved, so it was decided to keep the project number. For the first time, a large-scale model of the ship of the adjusted project (11711E) was publicly presented at IMDS’2019.
The model is likely to be built for the Russian Navy:


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It appears the first hull sub-section has just been rolled out of the enlarged, follow on 11711E, Vladimir Andreev.


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Surprisingly, there are no guns. As well as the Pantsir-ME complex.
Although I think they will appear there.

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