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11 March 2006
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In several threads the question was raised, why a certain aircraft lost the competition against another one, although technically/militarily/economically superior. At least in one case now, which, I think exemplifies most others, reasons are public, as could be read in Flugrevue .06.2007. The Eurofighter GmbH/EADS and the ministry for defence of Austria are quarreling about the austrian procurement of the Eurofighter. The deal was signed by the government, which lost elections in last October, and the new government tries to cancel the contract. It argues, that the competition was won by the Eurofighter GmbH only by paying large sums of bribes. And the answer by EADS ? A legal expert's report, that says, yes, there was bribery, but not by the actual bidding company, the Eurofighter GmbH, but by the EADS itself, so ... nothing illegal at all ! :eek:

Of course I know, that bribes and palm oil are absolutely common in military procurement affairs, so this article was as a surprise, as the latest admissions about doping amongst the cycle race professionals. But I really congratulate EADS to the honest and trustworthy kind of handling of this affair. Every taxpayer should have the right to know, what was the pricetag of an official decision, that may be hard to understand for common people, but probably made sense for certain officials ! ;D

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