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17 August 2006
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In 1990, MiG-29 did Pugachev's Cobra while it visite Canada, which is the first time Cobra was showed by MiG-29, Aviation Week published that photos at same year.

13 June 1991, Rafale A fly side by Mirage2000 in Paris air show.

I hope someone here will share those rare photo with us.
When the Canada show was? Month?

AWST didn't have June, 13 1991 issue...there are June 10, 17 and so on...looked through all LeBourget related issues, no sign of photo you are talking about. June 17 issue have Rafale C01 on cover + article, no sign of -A as well.
Well maybe the daytime I remembered wrongly, but there is a white Rafale A flying side by side with a Mirage2000 showed in a famous photo. That Mirage2000 was showed as up-view meanwhile the Rafale showed as side view.
I have AWSTs from this golden era, but it's average 100+ pages each x 52 x 4. Don't expect fast results.

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