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25 October 2007
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Ferdinand Porsche also designed high-capacity aircraft engines after founding his Stuttgart office back in 1931. Those were 1000Hp V 12 Typ 55 (various designs); the 16 cylinder, 20 liter Typ 72; Typ 78 with 20 cylinders and disc valves; Typ 70, 32 cylinders X engine. All were liquid-cooled. Two ( Types 70 and 72 ) are represented below, along with other data. Enjoy.
from an unknown source, supplied by the Porsche Archive.


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maybe this helps: Dr. Porsche was as good a technician as a salesman. He must have made some efforts to sell his engines with the airframe constructors, as well as pressing the RLM. Is there anyone who knows something?

P.s. His aircraft engine designs started from 1935/36. Typ 78, with rotary disc valves, maybe later, since Dr. Bensinger`s experiments with this technology in the DVL began in 1936/37.
Wurger, this is an amazing find many thanks!

Any info on basic statistics, ie bore and stroke, output, rpm etc?
Hi Nick,

unfortunatelly this is all I have. Even the Porsche archive relied on a magazine to inform me. But I agree: this is something well deserving further research.
Additional data from "Professor Porsche`s Wars", by Karl Ludvigsen, published by Pen & Sword. The author states the close relationship between the Auto-Union Grand Prix car V-16 and the proposed aircraft engines.
The Typ 70, disposed of 17,2 litres in 32 cylinders in "X", with a central crankshaft running in nine plain main bearings. Cylinder banks with 45º inverted V, above each of which was a single camshaft operating overhead valves through pushrods and rockers as in the AU engine. It was supercharged and had fuel injection, forecast to deliver 1040 HP at 4100 rpm but geared down to 1700 rpm.
The 16 cylinder Typ 72, also from 1935, had a swept volume of 19,7 litres and was expected to produce 900HP at 3700 rpm. It was to have a Hirth demountable crankshaft and its two invertd cylinder banks had a 52º angle. It would be geared down to 1500 to 1700 rpm.

Another (much better) pic of the Porsche Typ 72, from the same source.


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Kevin Renner said:
Now would that be an Overhead Cam Pushrod design ???

Yes -- the original 6-liter Auto Union V16 had a single cam that operated the intake valves (inside the vee) by rocker arms and the exhaust valves (outside the vee) by pushrods.

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