POLL: Would anybody be interested in a section strictly for links to video clips

Would anybody be interested in a section strictly for links to video clips. . .

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    Votes: 9 60.0%
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3 June 2011
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I'm not talking about a link to the youtube site or "there's some cool videos at x.com" but section to put specific links to specific videos related to appropriate topics. No links to "wow look at this 500 pounder take out these terrorists" and such but things like AIM-47 test launches, SICBM cold launch, Phalanx shooting down mortar rounds, and so forth. Not necessarily cancelled stuff but videos of things relevant to this site. A few examples might be like this:

Here is a video of a an active defense system for tanks that Raytheon is working on. It's a short ranged vertical launch missile system that can hit an RPG round launched from as close as ten meters from the tank


or like this:

Here is a video of three D-21 launches from the back of the M-21 Blackbird including the unfortunate midair and will be available here for a week:


(if there is enough interest in such a section I'd be willing to moderate Paul if you're interested)
I think it's definitely worth consideration- if there was a way to link the video in such a section with any relevant threads and backtrack those threads to the video, it'd be a useful resource. It might take some work to link other threads and vice versa, though. I would be willing to assist if needed.

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