Phantom crews losses in Vietnam - in search of specific POW pilot's fate


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Apr 2, 2006
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on request from Paralay

he's in search of info on Phantom F-4B pilot.
his a/c was shot down over Vietnam, pilot died as POW

supposedly he was from USS Constellation (CV-64) or, more likely, from VF-84 Jolly Rogers based on CVA-62 Independence

Independence participated in war from June 5, to Nov. 21, 1965

Pilot was born not earlier than December 1943, died not later than September 1970. Possible birtplace is Detroit. (Don't ask me why Paralay has these dates, hope it's not his usual Kabbalahtricks)

family name starts either from L (M or K as variants)

any help on this pilot AND Independence-based Phantoms losses over Vietnam with description of crews fate would be appreciated

thank you!