Phalcon for India



hey notice the larger engines and modified nose fairing


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A new photo, taken in Israel where the airframe is being kitted out with the Phalcon AEW system:
Hmmm, the disk-shaped radome is interesting, I normally associate the fixed arrays with the Phalcon system.
avatar said:
hey notice the larger engines ...

Same Aviadvigatel PS-90A-76 as used on re-engined IL-76TD-90/'MD-90s and IL-76VD-90s. Is India considering re-engining its IL-76/IL-78 fleet?

India's third Phalcon, with the radome not yet installed.
Just call me Ray said:
Hmmm, the disk-shaped radome is interesting

...Always reminds me of one of my favorite "There I Was.." one-pagers from the late and still missed Bob Stevens, where he told the one-panel story about how AWACS pilots would fly in low over really small towns while goosing the throttle. This would send the locals running and scurrying in a panic at the sight of what obviously was a UFO attacking a US airplane :D :D :D

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