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11 May 2006
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Ok,I'm not sure if this has been covered or not,if so,sorry. Is there any drawings of proposals of other fixed radome AEW aircraft like the Nimrod AEW.3 or the IAI Phalcon 707? I seem to remember seeing a sales pamphlet with various aircraft outfitted with nose/tail radomes.

Along the same line,anyone have a picture of the original Indian AF IL-76 AEW with nose and tail mounted Phalcon arrays? I made a profile of one base purely on what I thought I remembered it looking like.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
The Raytheon bid for the Australian Project Wedgetail AEW&C (won by Boeing with the 737 combined with MESA) offered an Airbus A310 fitted with the Elta Phalcon radar in a fixed radardome. Each dome had three fixed arrays providing 360 degree coverage without rotation or forward and aft beam firing (MESA Top Hat array).


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There was a proposal of an AEW version of the Transall C.160, too, with fore and aft
radome, housing the radar installation developed for the Nimrod AEW. Haven't found any
picture still yet, so this drawing is just guesswork !


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There is also the Blackburn P.139 AEW for CVA-01. This was the first fore and aft radar design. There is a new image of a much tubbier version in the Chris Gibson VC 10 monograph.
indeed, the BN2T-4R :


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Jemiba said:
Ah, this reminds me to the Breguet counterparts.
Really elegant beauties ! :D

Wow French Carrier AEW. I've never seen them before. Do you have any other details? Performance, weights, radar type?
Designed for a request of the french navy in 1965 and later for an anglo-french co-operation program.
Demands were a loiter time of at least 4 hours at altitude at at range of 200nm from the carrier. For
the turboprop variant, RR Dart, or GE T64 engines were envisaged, for the turbofan variant SNECMA
M46 engines. Span 18,30m, length 15,85m, wing area 60m², cruise speed 250 kts. Type of radar isn’t
mentioned, but as a co-operation with GB is men-tioned, I would think of the Marconi set, as in the
Nimrod AEW, or the P.139. But the program seems not to have lasted long.
(All infos from J.Cuny "Les Avions Breguet")
What about the Iraqi Il-76 which had an adaptation IIRC of a ground mounted, surveillance radar in the cargo bay which only pointed rearward. It used the Thomson-CSF Tiger G ground-based radar, according to Jane's.
Boeing Advanced Surveillance and Tracking Technology/Airborne Radar Demonstrator - information from Jane's

[Was] part of AFMC's Electronic Systems Center programme to develop new AWACS aircraft for use in 21st century; wind tunnel tests conducted late 1990; flight test demonstrator was expected after 1996. Proposals envisaged Boeing 747 platform aircraft, with GEAerospace (now Lockheed Martin) advanced L-band phased-array radar, installed in very large E-Systems dorsal radome (40 × 14.5 × 3.8 m;131.2 × 47.6 × 12.5 ft), called a `synergistic plandome', supported by multiple-strut structure above fuselage.

A remember good color WT model photos in AWST, but can't find 'em right now. Anyway, I don't remember canards on AWST photos.


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In the early 1990s Gulfstream proposed the SRA-4 based on its Gulfstream IV. It was to be fitted with the Phalcon with six conformal arrays along the fuselage sides and the Elta EL/K-7036 tactical Comint system. This followed on from the SRA-1 with the Goodyear UPD-8 SLAMMR, KS-146 camera, ECM and wing hardpoints for Maverick and Harpoon.
zebedee said:
Just doing a search of the Flight archive... all I've found so far is these... a C130 installation and the Grumman BAE Hawkrod...

A three-view arrangement of the so-called "Hawkrod"...


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