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27 May 2007
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It's starting to take longer and longer for me to find info from the PDF files I know I have downloaded, since usually the name of the file tells nothing of the content. (Yes I have different directories but still...)

So I'm asking out here what are you gurus using? I haven't found any easy solutions from cursory web searches...

There must be a software for solving that problem, one that fetches titles from all pdf files or something else, which would enable me to find the document I need really quickly. And of course text search would be cool too, although a lot of the pdf:s are not actually text.

Oh, and I'm on a PC.
If you have Acrobat then you can easily turn non-text pdfs into text searchable pdfs. Then, you can use Windows Desktop Search, or Google Desktop Search, or similar, to index them.
The app you're looking for already exists but unfortunately only for Mac.


I use it and I love it. The Mac is better than PC for people that have big amounts of info and need to manage it without effort. That's why I choose Mac.

For a PC user, I agree with Overscan about Acrobat. In my opinion, it is not the fitest solution but it will work.
Copernic desktop search is another good option.

overscan said:
If you have Acrobat then you can easily turn non-text pdfs into text searchable pdfs. Then, you can use Windows Desktop Search, or Google Desktop Search, or similar, to index them.

Acrobat writer, not the free Acrobat reader, has an OCR (optical character recognition) function, and there is great deal to be said in favor of Adobe - most notable the ability to make thumbnailed previews of .pdf files, something that Foxit still doesn't do.

To be frank, I am not aware of an open sourced alternative to Adobe Acrobat writer.
Definetively Acrobat is the best choice for Windows.

Acrobat it is not an archiving soft but a "pdf Office". However, such power is not for anyone's budget.

Acrobat it is also available for Mac users and powerful indexing capability the kind Overscan described is built in the MacOS. I have been enjoying it since version 10.4 apeared in Spring 2005.
For those who have an Apple computer, you have also a couple of affordable "pdf editing tools"


Again, I think don't know about lightweight "pdf editors" for Windows.
this could be a nice place to ask . I have many pdf files thatı would like to turn into Html format so that ı can use the profiles . The web cafe workers told me that it is not possible by Microsoft office . My open office software would do it but it is corrupted , any idea on this ?
There is software for Windows that can convert pdf files to Microsoft Word files like that:

Mac Os X is simply the best ;D

a build in desktop search engine called spotlight
find all lost stuff

the new version MacOS 10.5
has two new feature

Multimedia viewer in form of Coverflow
if you got iTune you know Wat i mean ;D

the Ultimate Backupsystem
you lose a file go back in time and restore
like flipping true CD-covers with coverflow in iTune

by the way
i looking for OCR (optical character recognition) software for Mac
can some one give me advice ?

I'm not an OCR user so I don't know nothing about that apps. However, I use DevonThink which is the most powerful information management app (again only available for Mac). I use DevonThink Pro as the core of my aerospace database and I'm very happy with it. There are 4 different versions of that app from the basic to the most comprehensive.


The top of the list is DevonThink Pro Office has OCR capability. You can download and try it for free here:




PS: I'm going to do further research to see if I can find an OCR-only app for Mac.

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