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Jos Heyman

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15 February 2007
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Whilst looking for Volmer Jensen details I came along a series of patent drawings at

It is a collection of designs ranging from ones that we can recognise, such as the original DC-4 and the P-38, to some extremely bizarre ones like the 4-hull design I have attached.
But, let's get back to Volmer Jensen. Would anybody have any information of the attached two designs?


  • plane_058_l.gif
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  • Volmer Jensen 1945.gif
    Volmer Jensen 1945.gif
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  • Volmer Jensen 1946.gif
    Volmer Jensen 1946.gif
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Volmer Jensen 1946.jpg is VJ-21 powered glider. Do a google search on Volmer Jensen VJ-21.
Plane 058... Four hulls and only 5 engines... Wouldn't this thing have been Grossly underpowered?

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