Oh, my...These coward culinary workers


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1 April 2006
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3 October, 1987
Strike confirms: F-19 exists
Although the United States has always refused to confirm the existence of the US Air Force's Lockheed F-19 stealth fighter, its existence has been confirmed by a strike of culinary workers at its base, reports Norman Lynn. Branch 226 of the Culinary Labour Union has announced that 2,000 of its members are disrupting F-19 operations at Tonopah Test Range, 200 n.m. north-west of Las Vegas, as well as Strategic Defence Initiative work at the Nevada Test Site, 65 n.m. north of Las Vegas. The restaurant workers' strike is supported by striking drivers of the Las Vegas-Tonopah-Reno Stage Lines. The drivers are refusing to operate buses used to transport about 3,000 union workers to the two sites. About 2,000 of these workers are staying home. The strike is for increased wages and
benefits from Reynolds Electrical & Engineering, the major contractor at both sites.
Is...this for real?

Ok, first of all, I have to somewhat sympathize with these culinary workers to some degree, it's a hard profession.

BUT...moreover...seriously...how the hell do you let a secret national defense program get compromised over a culinary worker's strike?

I'm confused

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