List of TOP SECRET classified aircraft revealed

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9 July 2008
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Super Valkyrie/Mothership

Brilliant Buzzard/Blue Eyes

Aurora/parasitic aircraft

Lockheed/Boeing/McDonnell Douglas Copper Coast/Copper Canyon TAV

Lockheed 2-stage-to-orbit TAV Spaceplane

Boeing 2-stage-to-orbit TAV Spaceplane “BlackStar”, “XOV”


General Robert M. Bond's prototype stealth aircraft “technology demonstrator” (not a Mig-23 or F-117)
(killed in crash April 26, 1984 at the Nevada test site aka Area 51)

RAF Boscombe Down Stealth aircraft crash (September 26, 1994)
(Northrop McDonnell Douglas ASTRA (Advanced Stealth Technology Reconnaissance Aircraft). AV-6 serial number 90-2414 callsign: BlackBuck 11)

Northrop-McDonnell Douglas/Teledyne Ryan THAP TR-3A Black Manta
aka the “Manta Ray” or “The Wraith”

Super STOL (ref Norton AFB November 12, 1988)

Aerodiamond/"pulser" (ref Norton AFB November 12th, 1988) unmanned

ARV/"Fluxliner" (ref Norton AFB November 12, 1988)

Lockheed Project "Q" Quartz (unmanned)

Convair “Cold Pigeon”

Lockheed X-22A two man antigravity fighter disc


“The Shadow” disc shaped craft


Lockheed "Senior Peg"

Lockheed Cedarville California 1982 stealth aircraft

B-52/Parasitic hypersonic aircraft (USAF Plant 42 Palmdale underground tunnel 1989)

1989 East German Flying triangle Crash retrieval

Dennis “Bones” Sager test pilot of YF-113G

Northrop B-2 Sub scale prototype (reference Revell model with straight trailing edge) Photo supplied by retired Rockwell engineer

USAF jet disc (MacDill AFB September 1967)

Daniel R. Vanderhorst test pilot of seven classified aircraft/Technology demonstrators

Test pilot Skip Holm flew three classified prototypes

1982-1989 Hudson Valley Flying wing/Boomerang


F-121 Super Sentinel

800 ft. Stealth Blimp

NEPA saucer (WPAFB 1960)

General Dynamics Model 100 “Sneaky Pete” (TASK)

August 5, 1992 sighting of a mysterious supersonic aircraft seen by the crew of a United Airlines 747.

Tom Morgenfeld (retired Lockheed test pilot), pilot of at least three classified aircraft

RAF Macrihanish Air Base (testing facility for classified aircraft)

Chris Gibson’s 1989 North Sea Aurora sighting

Black triangular aircraft parked next to the “Big Hangar” at Norton AFB during the 1980’s

Large Deltoid shaped craft, which appeared in a Lockheed Martin promotional presentation at the 2005 Edwards AFB open-house/airshow
(craft was depicted as loading tanks in the aft cargo bay, then lifting off the runway vertically while a Mach meter in the center of the screen began to move past Mach 3)

Sighting of classified aircraft that crew members of two F-4 Phantoms witnessed when they broke into Area 51 airspace in 1988.

Sighting of the “Manta Ray” by a KC-135 boom operator during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

Testimony from a USAF wing commander during the late 1980’s at Nellis AFB who was told to go inside a building while a classified aircraft arrived on-base (wing commander noted that as the craft departed it sounded like “tearing paper”)

Incident which took place at night, during the early 1990’s when a military official saw a dark object which was not an F-117, take off and land at Nellis AFB. (Witnesses described the sound of the craft to be distinctly different that that of the Stealth Fighter).

Reference by a Grumman engineer that there was indeed a replacement for the F-111. Referred to as “Switchblade/Artichoke” A-17 Stealthy swing wing medium bomber.

Possible construction of at least four McDonnell Douglas/General Dynamics A-12 Avenger II’s

“Classified technology demonstrator” flown by test pilot Frank Birk in 1985

Test pilot Doug Benjamin flew three classified aircraft

Test pilot Joe Lanni flew two classified prototypes during the late 1990’s
(one of which was the YF-24)

Paul Metz (Northrop Test pilot)
As of April 1997, 120 hours of flight time on three different classified aircraft types.

Jim “J.B.” Brown (Lockheed Test pilot)
Between 1989-1992 Black program aircraft

“Ivy” Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator (ACTD)

Lockheed Martin “NGLRS” (Next Generation Long-Range Strike)

Lockheed Martin “QSP” (Quiet Supersonic Platform)

Lockheed Martin “MACK”

Lockheed Martin “Walrus”

Boeing “Whale”

General Dynamics Convair “Kingfish”


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Appearing such bullcrap as Lockheed X-22A two man antigravity fighter disc to say the less, in a list makes me think of how serious is the author,
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Jet Disc said:
Your comments/feedback are welcome, please contact:

Michael Schratt

Does this web-forum have an Ignore List function?
We're damn offensive sometimes....
Yes, you are, folks. And you know what else? Sometimes, drivel is fun. I like to just bathe in drivel and let it soak in! Have a good day :p
"800 ft. Stealth Blimp" ?

I want one of those ;D

Preferably with the high-resolution, colour-graphics, ground-penetrating sensor pallet installed (since the women's showers and changing rooms here at our offices are in the basement).

Regards & all,

Thomas L. Nielsen

...and yes, drivel can be fun, but there's a time and a place for everything. The here and now, I submit, is neither.
"..(since the women's showers and changing rooms here at our offices are in the basement)."

You just need the DTOR (dimension tunnelling observation ray) generator, developed by
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems in 1990 and used extensively in the F-19, before the
range of this device was increased, so that it could based permenantly in area 51. BTW,
that's the real reason, that this aircraft is spotted very rarely today.
It is especially used for exploring the sexual habits of politicians all around the world and so
gives a lot of pledges in international negotiations.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find it in the list ... :(
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