Oberth "Friede" Rocket Model


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May 16, 2007
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Although best known for its appearance in Fritz Lang's 1929 "Fraun im Mond" (Woman in the Moon), the Rocketship "Friede" was merely an extended version of Hermann Oberth's earlier Modell E rocket from his treatise "Die Rakete." The first scientifically plausible rocketship in the history of cinema, the "Friede" was an inspiration for then 18-year-old rocket hobbiest Werner von Braun, who subsequently participated in a project aimed at making a flyable liquid-fueled "Friede" scale model. This work led him directly to Pendemuunde and the V-2 project, and ultimately America's Saturn V!

Fantastic Plastic models has just released an accurate 1:288 resin model kit of the "Friede." Mastered by cast by BLAP! Models with assistance from Jon C. Rogers (illustrator of the SPACESHIP HANDBOOK), the Friede stands 7" when completed. It is No. 2 in Fantastic Plastic's "Classic Rocketship Series."

For complete information, please visit. http://fantastic-plastic.com/SpaceshipFriedeCatalogPage.htm.


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