Northrop N-126 diagrams on Ebay


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5 April 2006
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Starting at $2.00 Get in while the gettins good....



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Northrop N-167 Mach 2 interceptor diagrams on Ebay

But wait! There's more!


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Northrop N-176 diagrams on Ebay

New and improved!


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Re: Northrop N-176 diagrams on Ebay

Orionblamblam said:
New and improved!

Why an auction for a CD-ROM? It's digital. Reproducible. You can make more than one. ;)

Why not just offer it with a "Buy It Now" option?

Believe it or not, but the fixed price, "Buy It Now" purchase option offers the buyer greater potential value. There is no waiting 6 days until the end date, just so you can wait another 6 days to get it in the mail. When you "Buy It Now," you can expect that it might just ship the next day. No waiting. No inconvenience. I for one would pay more to "Buy It Now" than to play the stupid "Place Bid" game.

The "Buy It Now" option also makes the seller more credible in the eyes of the consumer. Any long time would know that "dynascott" is frequent poster and author "Orionblamblam" and a pretty darned trustworthy guy, but to any other Ebay surfer he's just somebody from Utah auctioning off a CD-ROM.
Ummm, if the other guy doesn't do a blitz at the eleventh hour, I'll be the proud and momentary sole owner of some scans... ;)
Skybolt said:
Ummm, if the other guy doesn't do a blitz at the eleventh hour, I'll be the proud and momentary sole owner of some scans... ;)

"Momentary" could be a fairly lengthy bit of time. In a week I go on a trip... not sure if I should put new stuff up for sale on my website in that time, as it'll be a while before I can fill any orders that come in later than Friday.

(For those curious: the next batch of stuff I'll have for sale will include the Northrop scans, the Skate diagrams and likely the Dyna Soar Details scans, among others)
overscan said:
I'll be ordering the Northrop scans....


I think tomorrow I'll have a "sale." A discount price for the new sets of drawings I'm introducing (and some old ones that I yanked during the ITAR scare and am re-introducing), only good for a few days and only advertised here. I'll start a new thread titled something spectacular, like "Sale."
Does anyone have accurate information on size, weight and performance of this aircraft,

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