No fifth-generation MIG fighter, India turns to export version of PAK-FA


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1 April 2006
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India will not cooperate with MIG on 20-tonn class fighter as Indian MIG supporter, Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee, resigned last year, so India turns to export version of PAK-FA - according to pre-MAKS 2007 interview of MIG Deputy Director-General Sergey Tzivilev. MIG currently don't develop any projects of light fighter in 15-20 tonn class. No funds, no customers. Future works described as cooperative works with Sukhoi in OAK.
I think Skat represents a much more potentially lucrative direction for MiG than trying to build a lightweight fighter. I can see Skat selling to a number of countries.
Can someone explain the status of MiG as a company? Will it continue to operate independently within the new conglomorate? Or will it basically be swallowed up and become indistinguishable from Sukhoi?

I guess I'm trying to ask if there will ever be another aircraft called a MiG? And will even the PAK FA be known as a Sukhoi or will it be given a new type of designation?
MIG now being transformed from Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FGUP) status to a shareholder company and will be dissolved on OAK structure according to Tzivilev. Does that mean that we will never see new MiG - who can say... A380 doesnt carry EADS name, it's Airbus so far...

Other interview states that if there will be a customer, MIG ready to continue work on light fighter (in cooperation with Sukhoi). So far Russian AF are not interested.

Here's quite fresh article from Kommersant-Daily on Russian fifth-gen.
Can't help thinking that, when building OAK, Russia currently make what France did in 1936, or Great Britain in 1957-1960 (after the Sandystorm).

I mean, merging scattered aircrafts makers into a giant firm... less militaries and civilian orders mean less aircrafts to build, hence the need to merge firms, or at least change them into subcontractors.

MiG will probably end like Latecoere, Hawker, Vought and many others famous names, a subcontractor into a big conglomerate...
Got to yack with someone with a passing familiarity of the project- basically given how far the PAK-FA is along, the IAF has limited input into the design & performance of the PAK-FA, but they dont see it as a big issue since they anticipate good performance nonetheless. OTOH, some local chaps are cut up at the usual ad hoc behaviour of the IAF and MOD, which jump headfirst into any project as long as it sounds exotic and is imported. No idea about timeframe as well. The MiG project was good from the R&D POV, but the PAK-FA is a better, true air superiority aircraft...I guess.
Do you have any information about mig's 2010 initial production aircraft can it be a fifth generation MRCA aircraft.Or does it Mig 35 or ucav?

and they called it Type 79L;


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hesham said:
and they called it Type 79L;

In my files,and during 2007,India intended to develop a light weight fighter than
this one,need confirm ?.
hesham said:
In my files,and during 2007,India intended to develop a light weight fighter than
this one,need confirm ?.
other than HAL Tejas I don't know of any others they are developing. I would also bet they will wind up buying Mig 35 and also joint producing it. Western fighters are just too expensive , and having so many different types is foolish for logistical reasons. Still don''t know why they bought Rafael?

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