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New Quarterly Aviation Magazine: The Aviation Historian


Apr 27, 2007
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superb magazine but ı have been somewhat surprised by an account . Expecting the intended readership to be above a certain level , ı won't mince words . That an USN pilot wanted an all-out attack on N.Vietnam in 1965 and that caused problems with his superiors , to the extent of getting him killed by conspiracy is overwhelmingly stupid . (No , don't rush.) That's what everyone on that ship would feel . And Uncle Sam would give you a new nuke , if the one you had was bad . What if ? Well , the thriller to be written MUST involve the Russian offer to Washington for an united pre-emptive attack before China got nuclear . One test in 1964 , 3 in '65 with one involving thermonuclear elements in a 300kt package , the hydrogen bomb in 66(?) and the Cultural Revolution so that the "accidental" explosion to get a bigwig inspection of the facilities will start a full blown Communist Chinese Civil War , with Taiwan as the saviour . Must also involve A-12s , maybe 60-6929 . For this ı had to dig up for whatever books ı had on the laptop and check Steve Pace's . Just add Stockdale's resolution not to talk , which everyone says to be a thing about how he didn't see anything during the Tonkin Gulf incident and there you are .