Hawker Siddeley Aviation and Dynamics 1960-1977 by Stephen Skinner - Crowood

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27 December 2005
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Hawker Siddeley's history can be traced back to 1912 and the formation of the Sopwith Aviation Company by Tom Sopwith which metamorphosed into Hawker Aircraft after World War One. In 1934-35, Gloster, Avro, Armstrong Siddeley, Armstrong Whitworth and others were taken over to create the Hawker Siddeley Group. The Group built some of the most important aircraft and missiles of the 1960s, 1970s and beyond; its best-known products included the Harrier, Buccaneer, Nimrod and Hawk warplanes, Sea Dart missile and HS748 airliner. Its collaborative projects included the European Airbus and various satellite programmes. Hawker Siddeley was subsumed into British Aerospace in 1977, but some of its products still remain in service to this day. This is their story. AUTHOR: Stephen Skinner's interest in aviation was sparked by watching the maiden flight of the BAC One-Eleven in 1963 - he later wrote a book about it. Since the 1960s he has maintained a very strong interest in the development of British aviation. He has also written a large number of articles, and reviews books regularly for the Royal Aeronautical Society. He has written seven other books, including British Aircraft Corporation for Crowood. 220 colour and 85 b/w photographs


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BUT... is it good? This to me is merely an advertisement, not a review.
In the book.


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