NATO nuclear missiles in Europe

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Sep 27, 2006
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I had always been puzzled by who in NATO apart from the US received nuclear missiles.
The UK received Corporal (range about 75miles) while Belgium, France, Germany, Italy as well as UK got Honest John(12 miles or so)
It then gets interesting. The UK comes up with Blue Water (range 50-60 miles). However the US has Sergeant (same range as Corporal).
The UK does not buy either but West Germany gets both Sergeant and for the Luftwaffe the 400 mile range Pershing. The Soviets must have loved that.
In the 70s everyone gets Lance which has about a 70 mile range.
Lance starts life as Missile B about the time the UK ditches Blue Water.
Lance was to be replaced by a missile that could be launched from the tracked MLRS launcher. This vehicle could still be used for such a missile if the Russians get too belligerent

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