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5 April 2006
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I've seen the occasional reference to items found on the NASM archives "finding aids." I will be moving to the general vicinity within the next week, and I fully intend to raid the NASM archive at least once every other month or so (company I'll be working for takes every other Friday off). So, please use this thread to post items of interest. Best if in this format:

[Box 564]
Folder 15 AFTI (Advanced Fighter Technology Integration) Artists concept drawing photograph and press release

I can't promise exactly when I'll first get there, but I'll certainly try to get copies or scans (I think they ban scanners, though) of anything that's requested, so long as the requested items aren't monstrously huge.

The NASM finding aids are available here:
I've looked through a few (not Fairchild) and here are some suggestions:

If you’re doing photos some of the Rudy Arnold Photo Collection (Accession No. XXXX-0356) might be worth while. With 9,500 photos there has to be some unbuilt work there. All the images are catalogued at NASM with ‘limited access for researchers’. Could be worth getting a look at this catalogue to see the particular aircrafts photographed. I would in particular like to see any Vought prototypes and models in particular the XF5U and V. 173 low AR STOL aircraft (Serial 1, Box 9 and 10).

I’m sure someone else will be looking for some of the huge amount of A-4 and Wasserfall material in the Fort Eustis Library (FE) Microfilm collection of Captured German Documents and the Peenemünde wind tunnel reports. But here are two other interesting reports:

Roll 1 FE 772 Report on launching tests made from a submerged submarine with the type 30 cm Wk Spr.42 rockets.
Roll 27 FE 408 On rocket propulsion for long range bombers.

From the Garland Fulton Collection Accession (No. XXXX-0101) this might be interesting:

Subseries 4 Box 21 Folder 6 "Search plans for a ZRCV: a Discussion of the Scouting Potential of the Rigid
Airship Plane Carrier” – CDR R.G. Kopff, USNR, 1945
From FX topic on forum:

Any US members fancy a trip to NASM in Washington?

[Box 178]
Folder 2 Fairchild Hiller Republic Aircraft Division F-X Phase 1B/C Technical Resources, October 18, 1968

[Box 189]
Folder 6 Fairchild F-15 brochures

[Box 381]
Folder 8 F-15 pamphlets

[Box 386]
Folder 9 ...and F-15 General Arrangement

[Box 396]
Folder 1 F-15, Air Superiority Fighter pamphlet, advertisements, brochures, photographs and
stickers, 1969
Folder 2 F-15 dismantling, September 1970, photographs
Folder 3 F-15 Design Team, biographical sketches and photographs
Folder 4 F-15 articles
Folder 5 United States Air Force, information on the F-15, February – November, 1969
Folder 6 F-15 contract awarded to McDonnell Douglas, December 23, 1969, statements and
Folder 7 F-15 articles, 1969-1970

[Box 569]
Folder 12 F-15, promotional brochures

[Box 579]
Folder 19 F-15, advertisement order, June 18, 1969, “Happiness is the F-15”

[Box 588]
Folder 7 Fairchild Hiller and F-15, bumper stickers and correspondence
From the NASM Archives Fairchild Industries, Inc. Collection...

I’m very interested in any tip-rotor, flying platform and exotic helicopter information. The other projects I’ve listed as they are more interesting than normal, and unbuilt, so you might be interested in looking at them. But tip-rotor technical information would be very interesting.

Hiller Tip-Rotor Helicopters

[Box 237]
Folder 3 Hiller YH-32 reports: YH-32 Limited Performance and Stability, June 1958, and The Technical Aspects of the Transfer of Fuel to a Tip Mounted Ramjet engine Combustion Chamber, data sheet, drawing and correspondence
Folder 4 Hiller H-32 (HOE-1) Maintenance Handbook and Parts Listing, November 15, 1954
Folder 5 Hiller H-32 (HOE-1) Engineering Report Detail Specification for Model HOE-1/H-32 Helicopter Two Ramjet Engine, April 13, 1955 (last rev. October 3, 1955)
Folder 6 Hiller YH-32 (HOE-1) Flight Manual, January 21, 1957
Folder 7 Hiller YH-32A Sally photographs
Folder 9 Hiller Model HJ-1 (Model J-1) Hornet correspondence, articles and photographs
Folder 10 Hiller 8RJ2B Ramjet Engine (used in HJ-1) CAA Type Certification, October 20, 1954; CAA Aircraft Engine Specification, December 17, 1954; article and photographs
Folder 12 Hiller HOE-1 fact sheet and article
Folder 11 Hiller Model VJ-100 drawing, articles and photographs [assuming this unknown Hiller is tip powered?]

[Box 238]
Folder 4 STORC (Self-Ferrying Trans Ocean Rotary-Wing crane) report: The STORC Approach to the Helicopter Ferry Problem and photographs
Folder 5 Tip-Mounted Turbojet engine (used in STORC design) report by John B. Nichols on rotor propulsion presented to 1953 American Helicopter Society 9th Annual Forum, and article
Folder 6 Tip-Mounted Turbojet engine (used in STORC design) photographs

Hiller Flying Platforms and Exotics

[Box 243]
F older 5 Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee (Flying Platform) drawing
Folder 6 GEM (Ground Effect Machine) used in VZ-1 design reports: Development of a Unique GEM Concept with Potential for Achieving Efficient Forward Flight, October 21–23, 1959); Development of Airbourne Personnel Platform; and Ducted Operations and article
Folder 7 Hiller Desensitized Rotor Advanced Planning and Research Division, Report No. 65-6, May 1965, article from Patent Digest and photographs
Folder 8 Hiller Pulse Reactor Lift Systems, description of systems and photographs of design

[Box 244]
Folder 3 Hiller Model 1091 CAMEL (Collapsible Airbourne Military Equipment Lifter) detail specification, press release, brochure and photographs

Hiller Tilt Wings

Folder 7 Hiller X-2-235 photographs
Folder 8 Hiller X-18 Propelloplane reports: The Hiller X-18 Tilt Wing Aircraft by J.B. Nichols, November 11-15, 1957,

[Box 246]
Folder 6 Vought XC-142A fact sheet, reports: Tilt-Wing XC-142 Transport: A Decade of Research and Development, June 17, 1964; World’s largest V/STOL Transport Unveiled, June 17, 1964; Tri-Service V/STOL Transport Aircraft program; correspondence and press release
Folder 7 Vought XC-142A brochures
Folder 8 Vought XC-142A articles
Folder 9 Vought XC-142 photographs and negatives
Folder 10 Vought XC-142 models, photographs

[Box 247]
Folder 1 Vought XC-142A Roll Out Ceremony, June 17, 1964, correspondence, biographical information on Gifford K. Johnson, BGEN David M. Jones, and LCOL Eugene Francis Callaghan, press releases and press packets, brochures and articles
Folder 2 Vought XC-142A Roll Out Ceremony, June 17, 1964, photographs
Folder 3 Vought XC-142A Delivered to Edwards AFB, July 9, 1965, correspondence, press release and press packet, articles, photographs and negatives
Folder 4 Vought XC-142A First Flight, September 29, 1964, correspondence
Folder 5 Vought XC-142A First Vertical Flight, December 29, 1964, correspondence and press release
Folder 6 Vought XC-142A First Transition Flight, January 11, 1965, correspondence and press release

Hiller UH-1 Competitor

[Box 244]
Folder 4 Hiller Model Ten99 A Proposal to the Dept. of the Navy Bureau of Naval Weapons for an Assault Support Helicopter, Ten99, Engineering Report 61-75
Folder 5 Hiller Model Ten99 drawings, press releases, brochures and article
Folder 6 Hiller Model Ten99 photographs 1 of 2
Folder 7 Hiller Model Ten99 photographs 2 of 2

Fairchild Hiller/FRG VSTOL Fighter

[Box 178]
Folder 4 Fairchild Hiller Republic Aircraft Division, US and Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) joint program to produce V/STOL tactical fighter, correspondence and draft papers, government memoranda and Air Force Regulations, AFR 80-14, 80-14A and 55- 31 and press kit
Folder 5 Fairchild Hiller Republic Aircraft Division, US and Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) joint program to produce V/STOL tactical fighter, internal newsletter, press releases, brochures, advertisements, articles and photographs
ohhh so much paper and i don't know the projects :-[
so i take my most wandet stuff

Bellcomm, Inc Technical Library Collection

[Box 113] Folder 9 SLA Mini-Base Concept for Extended Lunar Mission. Volume I
[Box 114] Folder 1 SLA Mini-Base Concept for Extended Lunar Mission. Volume II
[Box 114] Folder 2 SLA Mini-Base Concept for Extended Lunar Mission. Volume III
[Box 114] Folder 3 SLA Mini-Base Concept for Extended Lunar Mission. Presentation graphics

[Box 180] Folder 5 Definition study of Experimental for a Manned Mars Excursion Module. Phase I Report
[Box 180] Folder 6 Definition study of Experimental for a Manned Mars Excursion Module. Presentation graphics
[Box 180] Folder 7 Definition study of Experimental for a Manned Mars Excursion Module. Phase II Report
[Box 180] Folder 8 Definition study of Experimental for a Manned Mars Excursion Module. Presentation graphics
[Box 180] Folder 9 Definition study of Experimental for a Manned Mars Excursion Module. final report volume III
Scott you got these from NAA MEM: SD 67-755-1 and SD 67-755-2 ?

[Box 218] Folder 8 Proposal for a Manned Lunar Vehicle Concept Study.

and how much gona cost me in US dollar ?
Michel Van said:
and how much gona cost me in US dollar ?

Not much. Depending on NASM rules and regulations regarding republishing, some stuff I hope to put out as downloadable docs & drawings, in which case they'd be the usual five or six dollars. Some items might be just a lone drawing or photo, in which case I'd just go ahead and post it here.

This will be unlike the previous two "underwriter funded" archive trips. In those cases, I travelled thousands of miles specifically to visit an archive... airline tickets, car rental, motel rooms, etc. In this case, it'll just be a day off of work and an extended drive.
All finding aids:
This is another some might want to dig into for their wish list:

"Herbert Stephen Desind Collection
109 Cubic Feet, 305 Boxes"

Box 1 - Folders 2-5 - Advanced Air-to-Air Missile
Box 4 - Folder 16 - Agile (AIM-95)
Box 13 - Folders 6-7 - Israeli Arrow missile.
Box 13 - Folder 23 - ASAM-I (Advanced Surface to Air Missile)
Box 13 - Folders 24-27 - ASM-135 ASAT missile
Box 13 - Folder 28 - Russian ASAT missile
Box 14 - Folders 8 - 27 - ASSET Re-entry Vehicle
Box 23 - Folders 25 - 27 - Bold Orion
Box 28 - Folder 26 - AGM-53 Condor antiship missile
Box 31 - Folders 18-21 - D-21 drone
Box 40 - Folders 6-8 - X-20 Dyna-Soar
Box 40 - Folder 14 - Eagle AAM
Box 41 - Folders 24-25 - Electromagnetic Launcher
Box 60 - Folders 19-20 - HIBEX
Box 61 - Folders 24-25 - Hypersonic Test Vehicle
Box 68 - Folders 20-21 - Kinetic Energy Missile (KEM)
Box 72 - Folders 16-18 - Liberty Air Defense System
Box 72 - Folders 21-22 - LIPS III (Living Plume Shield) [no idea but sounds interesting]
Box 79 - Folders 27-30 - Midgetman ICBM
Box 91 - Folder 26 - Project Orion
Box 102 - Folders 11-13 - PRIME (SV-5 manuevering RV)
Box 108 - Folders 7-10 - Safeguard ABM system
Box 115 - Folders 21-24 - AGM-48 Skybolt
Box 119 - Folders 33-34 - Squirt (Test missile for Sprint ABM)
Box 119 - Folders 39-41 - AGM-131 SRAM II
Box 138 - Folders 25-28 - Trident D-5
Box 139 - Folders 20-21 - Typhon SAM
Box 232 - Folders 1-19 - "Future Projects" (could be a gold mine of conceptual stuff)
Box 242 - Folders 14-15 - F-16XL
Box 250 - Folder 39 - X-24C
Box 256 - Folder 16 - Northrop F-15 Reporter ??????
Box 257 - Folders 16-18 - YF-23

This collection has a LOT of stuff and from many different countries. Much of it is of space launchers, satellites, space probes, manned missions, etc. but also a lot of missiles, aircraft, and misc. stuff like SDI, nuclear stuff, radar, and so on.
The Northrop F-15 was a photo-recce version of the P-61 Black Widow.


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"Herbert Stephen Desind Collection
109 Cubic Feet, 305 Boxes"

Box 30
Folder 8 - Cruise Missiles, ALCM, AGM-129 B&W Photos
Folder 9 - Cruise Missiles, ALCM, AGM-129 Color Photos

Box 61
Folders 12-15 - HOTOL Aerospace Plane (England) Documents & Photos
Folders 24-25 - HTV (Hypersonic Test Vehicle)

Box 81
Folders 33-37 - MOL (Manned Orbiting Lab)

Box 82
Folders 43-46 - Navaho Missile (X-10, SSM-A-2, B-64, SM-64)

Box 108
Folders 40-42 - Sanger Spaceplane (Germany)

Box 119
Folders 35-41 - SRAM (Short Range Attack Missile, AGM-69A) & SRAM II (AGM-131)

Box 250
Folders 16-19 - Lockheed Martin YF-22

Box 254
Folder 11 - McDonnell Douglas-General Dynamics A-12

Box 256
Folder 1 - Northrop YA-9

Box 257
Folders 16-19 Northrop-McDonnell Douglas YF-23

Box 258
Folder 40 - Rockwell XFV-12A (V/STOL) B&W Photos
Folders 41-44 - Rockwell X-30

Box 259
Folders 14-15 - Scaled Composites Model 133 AT3
Folders 16-17 - Scaled Composites Model 151 ARES (LATS)
My request,

Box 234
23-25 XV-15
31-32 XV-22

Folders 16-17 - Scaled Composites Model 151 ARES (LATS)
flateric said:
Box 250
Folders 16-19 - Lockheed Martin YF-22

Did you notice there was also material on Lockheed's ATF effort in general?
sorry Scott
I forgott those

Bellcomm, Inc Technical Library Collection

[Box 181]
"Mission Engineering Study of Electrically Propelled Manned Planetary Vehicles."
Folder 9 Volume I: Summary Report. (ANSO 6300-213. May 5, 1967.)
Folder 10 Volume II: Mission Analysis Topical Report. (ANSO 6300-214. July 19, 1967.)
Folder 11 Volume III: Operational Analysis Topical Report. (ANSO 6300-215. July 19, 1967.)
I've got an appointment at the NASM archive for this coming Friday... arriving (hopefully) at 10 AM, leaving when they kick me out around 4 PM. Sadly, scanners are not allowed, so whatever I get will be photocopied. For the most part that's not a problem, but if there's artwork... shrug.
Obviously, they probably won't, but if they allow digital cameras you can get pretty good results from photographing artwork and photos. I know from experience ;D

[subliminal]Fairchild F-15[/subliminal]
[subliminal]Fairchild F-15[/subliminal]
[subliminal]Fairchild F-15[/subliminal]

Box 48, Folder 1: AIM-26 Falcon

Box 13, Folder 28: ASAT Missile (Russian)
Trip was kind of a bust. The Desind files I looked at were largely conventional stuff... clippings from magazines and the like. Meh. My primary targets were the Fairchild files. Which, as it turns out, are *not* stored at the NASM, but at the Garber facility. So I lost half a day getting *there,* and had to cram whatever digging I could get into two hours. However, there was some good stuff in the Fairchild files, though not all of it was really good. For starters, while there were numerous files regarding the Fairchild F-15, most of it was of no interest. The same useless brochure (blather and portraits of people, nothing on the actual aircraft) repeated many times. Feh.

However, I did get some really good stuff. Sometime later I will post a list of the files I got to look at and what the results were.


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