NASA Langley/General Dynamics Project Tailor-Mate (ca.1969-1972)

One of the most comprehensive investigations of inlet-airframe integration took place in "Project Tailor-Mate" (circa 1972/Ref 9 & 10) conducted for the Air Force by General Dynamics.
In this program a wide array of supersonic fighter configurations were investigated to determine relative performance levels and projected inletengine compatibility. Figure indicates the wide array of configurations investigated and the fact that the fuselage-shielded two-dimensional inlet installation showed significantly greater potential for stall-free supersonic maneuvering flight than either the side-mounted or wingshielded
configurations. These test results in fact, led directly to the fuselage-shielded inlet-airframe integration concept on General Dynamic's F-16.

More on Project Tailor-Mate and its giant influence on LWF F-16 design see here


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The 1st image reminds me of the MIG-31 combined with Convair Century Fighter influence. The fuselage shielded designs remind me of the Typhoon.
The MiG-25 was exercising a lot of minds back then (7-4yrs before Belenko defected). It's not surprising that NASA and GD would take the opportunity to try and figure out more about how it was (supposedly) so agile, at the same time as examing the side inlet configuration in general.
Recently received from my friends estate a wonderful what-the-heck is it? Decidedly an FX something and sure would like to know what it is. In my 40 years of collecting I’ve had similar but without the engine configuration and the straight wings.

Model is 20 inches long and heavy resin so it looks like there was some type of mold and production planned. Painting was started with a grey upper and white lower if this helps the time period.


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Looks possibly General Dynamics FX fixed wing version, sure.
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And something of the FX-404 (derived from earlier fixed wing FX concepts)

But in fact - look at these GD configurations from Project Tailor-mate intake studies - one looks rather familiar on far right....


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This is the large version of the 2D intake version - I don't have a large version of the semi-cone intake version.

Amazing Models Allysonca,

and agree with my dear Paul,it was from GD.
PaulMM (Overscan) said:
And something of the FX-404 (derived from earlier fixed wing FX concepts)

That ADF 1965 looks like it started off as an F-111. ???
Thanks for the pictures, now I have a canopy layout. Gotta find a big GD stand now. I'll post when it is painted.
Heres a slightly better copy of the model variant - its labelled as concept B-3.

Configurations B-2, B-3, and B-4 are
quite similar to each other, differing only
in inlet type. B-2 has full axisymmetric
inlets, B-3 has half- circle axisymmetric
("D") inlets, and B-4 has 2-D inlets. All
have the inlets shielded by the wing and
all were difficult to balance. The balance
problem resulted from the engines being
forced aft so that the inlets are shielded
by the wing.
balance were considered such as lengthen-
ing the nose, adding wing gloves of vari-
ous sizes, modifying the wing planform,
and employing ballast. The best solution
would have been to modify the wing plan-
form. However, since it was desirable to
retain the basic wing planform for which
wind tunnel data were available, the
second best solution was chosen, which
added no wetted area and increased the
weighr empty only 140 pounds over the modi-
fied planform solution. A glove was added
to the inboard section of the wing for
inlet shielding, and ballast was added for
balance. The addition of the glove made
possible a blended-body design with a
smooth transition from body lines to wing
lines. A longer landing gear was required
on these three configurations than on B-1,
resulting in a less desirable missile
arrangement on the bottom of the fuselage.
The two tandem-mounted missiles had to be
moved off the fuselage centerline. On B-2
and B-3 they are mounted in-line behind,
but separated from, the forward missiles.
On B-4, the toe-in of the nacelles prevents
mounting the aft missiles in-line with the
forward missiles, and they are staggered
in relation to the forward missiles.



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PaulMM (Overscan) said:
This is the large version of the 2D intake version - I don't have a large version of the semi-cone intake version.


It is my impression or did such proposal has more than a point of contact with the later Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker?
Finished it..... Now all I need is a correct period stand. Enjoy.


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