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11 July 2006
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the napier nomad compound engine was the most efficient engine of its time ..and its specific fuel consumption is still unmatched today ..

i know it was tested on a avro shackelton - but where there any aircraft designs made from scratch for this engine.. ?
Perhaps have a look here :
The Avro 717 is mentioned, but as a modified Lincoln, it wouldn't have been a truely
""Nomad design". nevertheless, the R.112D is mentioned, a flying boat, which was intended
to use the Nomad, too. Sorry, if it iwas an Avro design isn't mentioned, will have to look
up at home ...
Junkers had explored aero boosted-diesels. Napier began E.125 in 1944 and it became a candidate for the larger Brabazon Types and for RAF MR:
- Avro 482 was bid to Type III with 4xRR Clyde propeller-turbine, or Nomad (Avro 692 won, 4/46, with Clyde; that soon died and Britannia/Centaurus was funded).
- Short/Saro bid Shetland 2 to BOAC/BSAAC, 1945 as S.A.8, with Nomad vice Centaurus. In 5/46 Saro Princess/RR Tweed won.
- To MR Spec.R.2/48 Short bid P.D.2/Nomad; Saro Princess derivative P.104/Proteus won, dribbling vaguely into 1952.

Napier refined Nomad as Mk.2 and retained MoS dribble funding, bidding it, 1952 to Shackleton M.R.4. Both were chopped 4/55, by when we had spent £5.1Mn. on Nomads.

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