Napier Agricopter / Napier-Pan Britannica Agricultural Gyroplane


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12 July 2006
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For the friends of small helicopters - the Napier "Agrocopter" (from "aero" magazine 10/1961). Never heard of a helicopter company with this name - any connection/relation to the Napier engine manufacturer? I don't believe.


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Napier the engine company did produce aircraft designs from time to time. In 1959 they tendered the "Seahorse" anti-submarine missile, see,25507.msg259183.html#msg259183

The Agrocopter looks like an autogyro to me, after the classic Bensen/Wallis pattern. It could well have been by the usual Napier engine Co. but I can find no other reference to prove it either way.
They got the name slightly wrong ... G-21-3 was a prototype Napier Agricopter, derived from the Bensen B.SM (B.SMEJ) Gyrocopter. Also known as the Napier-Pan Britannica Agricultural Gyroplane and the Napier-Benson Gyrocopter.

Three Agricopters were built in 1961 (likely all at Luton): G-29-2, G-29-3, and G-29-4.
Aircraft Manufacture in West Essex, North Weald Airfield Museum , 2010, pp.11-12
Nice find, thanks.
Should this topic perhaps be renamed "Napier Agricopter", "Napier-Pan Britannica Agricultural Gyroplane", or "Napier-Bensen B8" (after the registration details of G-ATWT), or what?

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