Mystery Bristol Siddeley engine in Smithsonian storage facility

overscan (PaulMM)

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27 December 2005
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TSRJoe sent me this picture of a Bristol Siddeley engine in storage at the Smithsonian facility at Silver Hill he took recently. Can anyone identify it?


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Precisely, no. I'd venture a guess from the accessory arrangement and the obvious front nozzle, and it's position, that it's a Pegasus without the aft nozzles and exhaust duct. The Pegasus is the only engine I know of with the accessories on top and the nozzle position clearly shows that PCB wasn't fitted as that usually resulted in a lower nozzle location relative to the engine centerline.
I wonder if it could be from the NASA XV-6A in the NASM? It would make sense to remove and store the engine if you're going to suspend the aircraft, and it would explain why the nozzles aren't there.
That would make sense. A close look at the accessories and fan case can reveal the type of Pegasus. However, when I try to open the large version of the pic for a look I get 'zero file size' message.

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