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5 April 2006
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Every now and then I take photos of stuff I see (nature, architecture, and aircraft, mostly). Some of the photos seem to be pretty good; a few of my friends/family have suggested that they would sell if made available as good-quality large hardcopies. Me, I dunno. So, I'm seeking opinions. Basically, I'm asking anyone who'd care to to look at the website below and let me know:
1) If you think that none of them would really likely sell
2) or that some of them would likely sell, and if so which ones

If I went ahead and had prints made, they'd likely start at 11X17 size, and run about $10 at that size. Sadly, the wider panoramas would suck if printed off only 17 inches wide, and prices for larger prints (say, 12 inches by 30, maybe) can be a whole lot higher. So I'd need to know what people would be interested in before plunking down a truckload of cash for printing.

So, please to enjoy...
Hmmmm. I'll take that as a "no."

not quite
I look the panoramas and begin to love the US landscape :D
but to print this, put on my Wall ? (don't have much free wall for that)

mostly i used those picture as Background for my desktop
or look them on TV with iPhoto
"If I went ahead and had prints made..."

- Why making prints before there's a serious offer to buy them ? Certainly there
are photos. which could be interesting to someone, who needs, say a typical
american landscape to put the Marlboro man in and buying them (and getting
the rights to use them) surely is cheaper, than making a trip to the states.
With an online catalogue, your photos should be quite easy to find via a picture
search, I think.

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