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21 December 2006
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Does anyone have details of military versions of the BAe ATP? In particular the P.132 ATP Maritime from 1989 and any tactical airlift versions. I think I saw a rear loading version, like the Andover, in Flight or Air International around 20 years ago, IIRC.

Any other military projects/versions info welcome. Although not a great commercial success, I do think the ATP would have been useful in military roles, as the 748/Andover had been. Maybe the RAF could have done with a few Andover C.Mk.4s? Or Coastguarder MR.2s?
I have a 1978 article on the Coastguarder from Air Int (with cutaway and GA) if you're interested. Nothing on ATPs I'm afraid, apart from a collection of complimentary refreshment vouchers when they lived up to their unoffical name: A Technical Problem. Which could explain the lack of success for an MPA version.

From BAe, le Bourget 1993


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Thanks for the pic Mirage 4000. I knew it was unreliable, although I think the ATP looked good.


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From Air International 11/1990,

here is the BAe ATP or P.132.


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The inner ones look like Exocets, the outer ones could be torpedoes (although they look a bit small).
Warplane listed the 1987 Le Bourget proposal for the maritime ATP as offering Litton APS-504(V)5 search radar, GEC AQS-902 LAPADS acoustic processor, dual INS and and unspecified FLIR.

The speculative art showed a hemp-coloured Indian Navy example with underwing Sea Eagles and hefty torpedoes larger than Stingray. No indication in the article as to whether there was a basis for this configuration.


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BAe P132 brochure page 1 scaled.png
Maritime Patrol Aircraft
The P132 is designed by British Aerospace (in association with GEC Avionics and Thorn EMI Electronics) to provide an affordable yet highly effective Anti Submarine and Anti Surface Vessel warfare platform. The aircraft is based on the successful British Aerospace ATP and can be fitted with a variety of sensors tailored exactly to suit customer requirements.

- Maritime Patrol
- Surface Surveillance Strategic Intelligence Gathering
Tactical Surveillance of Defined Areas of Operation
- Support Counter-ship Operations
Tactical and Targeting Data
- ASUW Attack
- ASW Operations
- Search and Locate
- Support Sea Rescue Operations
- Provide a Basic AEW Capability

Predominantly Existing Equipment with Proven Performance
- Well Proven Heritage
- Rugged Construction with Full Corrosion Protection
- Reliable PW126A Engines
- Proven Reliable Systems:
Hamilton-Standard ECS Fuel System
Flight Control System Smith's EFIS
- Designed and Built to Modern Standards (FAR, JAR)
- Spacious and Quiet
- Long-range Search Radar
- Acoustic Suite
- Electronic Support Measures
- Infra-red Detection System
- Magnetic Anomaly Detector
- Central Tactical System
- Good Communications
- Weapon Carriage with Stores Management
- Search and Rescue Capability

- Excellent turn capabilities enhancing search and attack manoeuvring
- Long mission endurance and time-on-station whilst maintaining a high store payload capability
- Take-off and landing distances well inside typical international runway lengths
- Wide level speed envelopes providing good operational capability with full payload


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A model of the maritime reconnaissance ATP in the Museum of Berkshire Aviation near Reading


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I have nothing to back it up (other than my own personal recollection of a conversation with persons involved) but a UK provider of aviation services to the Maritime & Coastguard Agency did look into resurrecting a civilian version of the P132/ ATP. It would have had Searchwater or Seaspray Radar, a FLIR turret & Searchlight, and some means of dropping rescue equipment - possibly from the repurposed bomb bay, or sonobuoys chute. There would also be a version kitted out for oil control spraying.

The plan fell apart when the MCA wouldn’t guarantee the SAR / Pollution control contract (it instead went to a much cheaper, less capable and much less available South African C130 operator), and no other uses could be found for it. The Airframes marked for conversion (3 SAR & 1 pollution control) eventually went to be converted to freighter aircraft with the Large Cargo Door mod carried out in Romania.

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