MIG-15 bis ISh Sturmovik.


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24 July 2009
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Pretty please, has anyone got a good 3 view of this aircraft. Competed with the Ilyushin Il-40.

Many thanks, Bailey.


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Re: MIG-15 ISh Sturmovik.

In the document http://www.be-and-co.com/ako_pdf/ako04098285.pdf you'll find two photos of the MiG-15bis (ISh) МиГ-15бис (ИШ) and some information on the project (in Russian).
The most interesting feature of this variant of the MiG-15bis was a design of weapons pylon. Each of them could carry three 100kg bombs or three ORO-57K eight-tube rocket launcher mounted one behind the other. The rockets could be fired against an aerial target from the launchers mounted in the front, so the fighter could use sixteen rockets. But against a ground target all six launchers could depress by 15 degrees while the fighter was in level flight and fire rockets simultaneously. Theoretically it was a clever arrangement but there was no an appropriate sight making an accurate rocket-fire possible.
Beneath the standard hardpoints external fuel tanks, or ZAB-360 fire bombs could be carried alternatively. Probably iron bombs of 250kg calibre could be carried either.

Obliguely fired rockets from a jet fighter? The dispersion and unpredictable ballistics would have been impressive. I suppose that if you fired enough of them at close enough a range (and managed to avoid getting hit by errant rockets) it might work.
The most interesting feature of this variant of the MiG-15bis was a design of weapons pylon.

Please see attached views of the weapons pylon.

Regards Bailey.


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