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12 August 2006
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Mi-28A Information Requests the systems, can say accurately the name of the system??



Thank in advance!!!!

Edgar Guerrero
When the Soviets decided to develop a new combat helicopter – what has become the Mi-28 – a new missile system was developed for it. The new missile was generally similar to Shturm-V. At the same time, the helicopter's Raduga-28 fire-control system was similar to Raduga-Sh, but it had an combined optical and low-light-level-TV device in place of a purely optical device for observation and tracking. This was mounted below the helicopter's nose, while the antenna for the radio-command transmitter was mounted directly in the nose. The optical system had 3x magnification in search mode and 13x magnification in track/engagement mode. The TV system had up to 20x magnification and could be used day and night. The observation/tracking device, instead of being fixed (as on the Mi-24), can rotate +/-110 degrees in azimuth and +13/-40 degrees in elevation. It can work day and night, and the picture quality on the TV channel was much better than on the Mi-24.

Michal Fiszer, Russia's Tank Stoppers, Part 2: Air-Launched Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (edefenseonline.com)

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