Messerschmitt P1100 bomber/zerstorer


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5 April 2006
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Finally got a new scanner with a document feeder, allowing me to scan in big documents far faster than before. One of the first ones I've done is “P1100 Baubeshreibungen fur Bomber,” a 93 page Messerschmitt report dated 22-3-1944 describing the P1100 design. This was a Me 262 jet fighter with a wholly new fuselage, to serve as either a bomber (with a small tandem canopy) or as a destroyer (with a larger side-by-side canopy and a nose turret). The report has some pretty good drawings of these designs.

As I am both greedy *and* unemployed (fricken' corporate world... :mad: ), I've posted this up on Ebay first. If you bid at the starting price and win, it'll be cheaper than it'll be when/if it eventually goes on my website....

Thanks. I recently got a new scanner with a document feeder - this is greatly accelerating scanning these sorts of things in. Since this and my model business are now my only sources of income, you can bet I'll be scanning in and offering up everything I can get my grubby paws on. I have a bunch of rolls of microfilm of captured German technical documents... depending on how popular the P1100 document and a few others in the pipeline are, I may well have a whole bunch of these for sale pretty soon.
A beautiful fight is unfolding on eBay,with no less than a celebrity, I think ... ;)
Skybolt said:
A beautiful fight is unfolding on eBay...

A glorious thing to see when you're unemployed. Of course, this is as *nothing* compared to the fight over the Convair binder that I bought some months back... *Still* trying to cover the costs on that one.

BTW: Currently scanning in "The Story of Peenemunde." This is a 750-page collection of oral interview transcriptions, test reports, aerodynamic analyses, etc. put together by the US Army while the German rocket scientists were still being held in Germany (1946, IIRC). Vast quantity of data, historically significant. Plus, it has the closest thing to source documentation on the Manned A-4b that I've ever heard of. Taking a while to scan given the sheer size of it.

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