Messerschmitt "flying car " project : Fact or What if ?


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1 May 2006
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Some decades before ,I read somewhere the description of the Me 219 project ,the famous little Messerschmitt post war car modified as flyingwing with 2x35 kgp jets in the wings.

I just have found that :

I think it's a " what if " based on the above description .

Who knows more ?.
For me it is the pure what-if. I saw the Messerschmitt car by myself and felt that it is only a little heavier than my bike. Besides I doubt that they had light and powerfull enough jet engines at that time and also from the engineering point of view it looks weired. For example why nearly delta wing? Does it suppose to be supersonic? Also they should place the vertical tail far behind the cockpit canopy and a few other things.

I think it will be moved to the what-if category, but I want to wait for the confirmation from somebody else.
Its someone's CGI fantasy.
A few years ago on, I believe it was Hyperscale or maybe ARC a modeler
posted images of a Gunze 1/24th KR 200 with the wings of an
Me 163 attached, it also has cannons in the nose.
Quite amusing.
Again from Aviation magazine 1956,

was it real after mentioned in a good source ?.


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