McDonnell-Douglas Recon Plane?

McDonnell's Model 125A is described as an "all-weather reconnaissance airplane project", and is the only McAir design that's been identified so far as a specific recce project from the start. I doubt however that this artwork could depict a strictly recce aircraft, as it has kind of a fighter/bomber look to it...

This being said, the project immediately before, Model 124A (which could very well have been a parallel design) concerned a "carrier-based, two-place long-range subsonic missile-carrying fighter." Both projects were for the Navy, both were from September 1957. So maybe it was one single general design leading to two separate studies?
I tried to rework the image to enhance the general outlines.

I must admit that it clearly looks more USAF than Navy, and the cockpit looks very much like that of the F-108 Rapier (LRI-X) program... Five "LRI" designs appear in the McDonnell listing: Models 109A and 109B (two F-101 derivatives), Models 110A and 110B, and Model 111.

I'm enclosing the descriptions here for comparison.


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