McDonnell-Douglas Display Model

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Looks very small. Some points of similarity with McDonnell Douglas ATS and early ATF work I think. Don't recall this particular design however.


index.php, delta wing, F-16 like canopy....perhaps an MDD proposal for the XST??
I wonder if it was a parasite fighter design, designed to fit in a 747 carrier aircraft? That would explain it's size and small span. Or, it could also be some sort of "demonstrator" concept.

But I look at the small central vertical tail and think of the way the Boeing designs were sort of stacked on top of each other at an angle, with the nose up about thirty degrees, and picture that design fitting quite nicely in the same manner.
I thought possibly a subscale supercruise demonstrator. Several firms proposed something along those lines.
overscan said:
Attached images....

I have only my reaction to go on here but I see a single engined, delta winged F-18 or YF-17 variant in this model. Look at the combined shape of the canopy and nose. And, look at the suggested shapes of the intakes and ducting.


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