Lockheed CL-1100 UTTAS proposal and CL-1120


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14 August 2009
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US Army UTTAS Helicopter Artist Concept Photo

URL: http://cgi.ebay.com/US-Army-UTTAS-Helicopter-Artist-Concept-Photo_W0QQitemZ260547425489QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item3ca9d634d1

Up for Purchase this vintage photograph of an artist concept drawing of a U.S. Army UTTAS Helicopter in flight. This photo has UTTAS (Artist's Concept) written in black permanent marker at bottom middle in white edge. Also, the photo stock number is in bottom right corner and is written 361763C. This comes from the estate of a retired long-time McDonnell-Douglas employee.


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Great find, hesham! Much better than disputable would-be designations... ;)

However, please note that the UTTAS proposal was the CL-1100 of 1968, not the later CL-1200 which was derived from it.

I changed the topic's name accordingly.

where you get this from ?,in the drawings the design was CL-1120 !.
hesham said:

where you get this from ?,in the drawings the design was CL-1120 !.

The document you linked says explicitly that the CL-1120 is derived from the UTTAS proposal, which was the CL-1100.
Hey Hesham nice find!!!
An interesting design, which I have never seen before!
The CL-1200 rear fuselage somewhat reminds me of the prototype Lockheed XH-51A. I dare say it might have had some influence incorporated!
The great ground clearance of the rear boom and tail rotor would make for some steep pull-up landings (being in many fast S-70A and UH-60 Blackhawk landings before, I'm sure it would seem quit hairy from a passengers perspective!!)
Also of note is the similarity of the Lockheed CL-945-2 in my opinion!!

P.S. Now that we have derived that Lockhhed's UTTAS submission design was the CL-1110, can we have a go at finding more on this design - drawings and specs etc........

That mysterious UTTAS painting we've had for a while may very well depict the Lockheed CL-1100 indeed.

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