Martin Nova slides


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5 April 2006
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Another interesting item has come up on ebay... 196 Martin Company slides dealing with the Nova rocket, circa 1962. As this isn't an "immediate need" like the last crowdfund, if there is interest this will be a standard crowdfund with price per person to be determined if the auction is won. The current opening bid is $198.98 with $9.36 for postage; if ten people are involved and that opening bid is the winning bid, that means that each person will only owe $20.83; if fifteen people, then $13.89, and so on. All contributors will of course get a full set of best-resolution scans of the slides, the slides themselves to then go on to the Martin museum. Obviously since this is an auction, the price could go higher; my max bid will be based on how many people are interested, to keep the per-person price reasonable (say, a max of $30).

If interested, please reply. There is one wrinkle: I will be traveling when the auction ends. If the auction is popular and there's sniping going on, that could be troublesome...

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