Martin early space station - 1960


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14 June 2006
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From April 20th to 22nd, 1960 in Los Angeles the IAS (Institute of Arospace Sciences, one of the constituents of AIAA), RAND Corporation and NASA held a National Symposium on Manned Space Stations. Number of presentation brought there by companies and institutions was massive and I'm still trying to track them down (ehi, that's would be an enthusiast past-time work !!! ). Today I'll publish one of two proposal from Martin Company. It's a 16 ton, four-to-six crew station made by three compartments. Orbit average 400 miles (apo 450 miles, peri 350 miles) inclination 80 degrees. Launch would have by a Saturn I vehicle in 1965. Crew would travel every 15-20 days between Earth and orbit onboard an M-1-shaped capsule (don't know if this is related to slightly later Apollo work). Key to numerb in the illustration is: 1 Escape and re-entry vehicle; 2 Control center; 3 bio and chem lab; 4 medical lab; 5 astro and geophysical lab; 6 antenna; 7 magnetic sensor; 8 parabolic mirror; 9 telescope; 10 telescope reflector; 11 air locks. Any additional info welcome.


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Forgot to mention, the second Martin proposal was for a semi-rigid, extensible space station. Will post that, too.
The shape of the version seen above has something about it... well... rigid... ::)
Honi soit qui mal y pense ;). Coming from America, this is a 100% puritan design ;D...

Gentlemen, please, this is a family forum....... ;)

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