Magnetic guided ASM


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13 February 2006
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A friend of mine wants to know the following thing:

At some old books, especially from Czechoslovakia, there is written that there exist some magnetic guided air-to-surface missiles. As example was stated GAM-63 Rascal. Now we know that Rascal has different kind of guidance, but the pure idea of magnetic targeting sounds interesting. Is it possible from physical point of view to create such a missile and will it be effective?
AFAIK the range of current magnetic targeting systems, in the form of the MAD
sensors of ASW aircraft, is still limited to around 500 meters and a lot of processing
still is necessary. Ok, if we'll give more modern equipment a better aquisition range
by a factor of 10 against larger targets at the surface, then it probably would still be
not enough, not even fo terminal homing, I think. And there probably always are a lot
of disturbances in the magnetic field, that the missile would have to consider in order
to prevent an attack against a wreck, an oilplatform or simply a rock containing some
ironore !

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