Loon Missile Launches off SS-337 Cabonero and SS-348 Cusk


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30 November 2009
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Hi All,
I am interested in the submarines that were modified to launch the JB-2 Loon missile. The only information I have found was in the beginning of the Regulus book and movie. The Cusk had a special hangar built on the deck while the Carbonero had none. I can only find one photo of the Carbonero and I found a couple of the Cusk. Here is what I have found so far. Does anyone knows what sort of modifications were done to the submarines (antennas, radar, etc), especially to the Carbonero since it has less known information on it?

Pictures from Navsource.org/archives


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Question if I may please?
Does anyone know if the Loon submarine launch hanger/bin influenced by the likes of the Imperial Japanese I-400 class submarine aircraft carriers, which had a similar arrangement to carry three Aichi M6A Seiran aircraft underwater to their destinations?

In the book Smart Weapons by Hugh McDaid and David Oliver, an uncaptioned photo shows a submarine with a Loon on its launch rail. There appears to be a tube below it that runs about three quarters the length of the body and is bent at the end. One end of the deck container is visible. There is also a (swing out/up ?) platform located at about the halfway point of the Loon that projects out and away from the deck.

A three ship model kit produced by Revell includes two surface ships and the U.S.S. Nautilus firing a Loon (SSN 571 on the conning tower). Date on that one unknown.

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