Soviet 9K71 Temp solid fuel, medium-range ballistic missile


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18 February 2010
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I want to find some new information about Temp 9K71

What we have now? (some words about missile):

I think that it is SS-12 SCALEBOARD / KY-06

Front-line ballistic missile (operational-tactical missiles). Development initiated by the decision of USSR Government ¹ 839-379 on July 21, 1959 R & D complex led NII-1 (later renamed the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering = MIT, chief designer of AD Nadiradze), ground launching equipment - plant number 221 "Barricades" . The missiles were manufactured at the factory number 235 at Votkinsk. Development of launcher Br-225 started on Feb. 14, 1959, preliminary design - April 1960, a prototype made in 1961-1962. The first phase of flight tests (the main task - to check the feasibility of solid propellant rocket motors) at Kapustin Yar was conducted from 14 April to 15 August 1961 the polygon launcher Br-234 (factory "Barricades"). The first launch of a missile "Temp" - May 20, 1961 Two more start-up was done in the first phase of testing. The second phase of testing (tested 12 missiles) - from October 1961 to July 1963 From January to May 1962 were three starting with the nominal launcher Br-225. Summer of 1962, a rocket doing enough to increase the operating range of up to 460 miles and warheads to reduce fluctuations in free flight, which led to undershoot. In 1963, expected to begin mass production of missiles. Tests finalized missiles temp "started in December 1962 Of the 12 launches 6 rockets were destroyed in the trajectory, and the results of the rest of the flight did not meet the requirements for the establishment of the complex. Work halted by order of the USSR Government ¹ 800-273 on July 16, 1963 "Due to the slippage flight tests and not enough high specification products".

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article on my site
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in russian

May be someone can help me to know more about this missile?


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Here is additional information:

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