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Pepe Rezende

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3 May 2006
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three view drawings of Avro ten engined Lancaster and Vickers WW2 super bomber proposal. I know they are here, but I can not find them.


I'd hesitate to use the word fake, there was definitely a spec from the UK Air Ministry and a 10 engine design from Avro, no official drawings or renderings of that deign have yet come to light however. There is some detail in Tony Buttler's BSP 35-45 on the spec itself and the competing designs.


This page has an artists rendering based on the memory of a former Avro worker. When I emailed John Dell to question him further on his source he gave me more info and sent me more sketches of the aircraft based again on Dave Dixon's memory of the project. This could be the closest we ever get to this design. I hope not!
Thank you...

Fortunetely, they never proceeded with the ten engined Lancaster. Seems to me an odd and stupid way of carrying more bombs. The 100t projects from Bristol and Vickers were a lot more sensate.


Thanks Nick, very beautiful paintings on interesting subjects!

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