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27 April 2007
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in one of the Air Forces Monthly magazines of the early 90's it was mentioned that there was this F-5 that got painted in what ı remember as Signal Yellow and Bright Green , making it identified as the "Banana.". It was mentioned it was because of a mix up but it has always been described that every paint scheme worn by the Agressor aircraft was from a known threat , nominally for the period the Soviet Union existed .If anyone has a picture of that thing ? Now my point is ı got this as a some sort of assignment and ı may end up modelling the plane ; in a batch of nice ones including the Sunday Sport hoax of April 24th ,1988 that says a WW2 bomber was found on the moon ; would clearly like to hear or see more about that as it was before my time .

anyhow would painting a combat aircraft in bright colours help it in avoiding IR-homing missiles in any way ? ı distinctly remember reading that in the initial shock of SA-7 deployment , C-47 or similar aircraft were specifically painted in Africa.Though probably it is not a valid method today in case if it was once .
It can be this?


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ı have supreme confidence in this site and it gets proved everytime . Not sure if it is the one ı have been advised to look for , but it looks good enough for me .

thanks a lot Dronte .

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