Lockheeds of the late '60s 3 - Model 1170-6-2


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14 June 2006
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This design is well known, since it has already been illustrated by Scott in his article on Blended Wing Bodies on eAPR V1N3. For those few unlucky bodies that don't already have that issue, or, gods forbid, don't even know WHAT eAPR IS (fellows, what are you doing HERE ???), the TDN CL 1170 was assigned to a six month study done by CALAC on account of the Navy o explore technological and operational issues of a possible very long endurance patrol and ASW aircrafts. Aside some conventional configurations, the study produced two BWBs, the 1170-6-2 the largest of the two and the final baseline. The four engine would have been composite turbofans and the structure made in art of graphite materials. Wing: 5000 sq. feet.


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A maritime BWB!! A turboprop version would have been ideal...maybe similar to EB-35B (i.e. turboprop version of the YB-35). Its hard to beat the P-3 down low and slow where sub hunters were needed.
The composite turbofan is precisely a combination of turboprop and turbofan. The idea was to shut down the jet part of the engine during search cruise, using the fan as a tubed turboprop.

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