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18 October 2006
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Actually there is a concept aircraft in the Army Aviation Museum warehouse. I suppose you are correct that it is actually not VTOL but rather ESTOL Extremely STOL or SSTOL Super STOL (good luck defining those), in that it had a very short TO run ~50ft.

As to the MC-130 I do not have any info on them putting new flaps on the aircraft. I do know that they used forward and rear mounted JATO bottles to get the extreme short field capability. The test aircraft crashed when the forward facing bottles were fired while the aircraft was still in the air and it had a very hard landing. Indeed this very circumstance is what brought about the V-22 program, from an experimental demonstrator (XV-15) to a full up program. The need to bridge the gap between helicopter (VTOL) and fixed wing (Speed) for these sorts of missions was found desirable.
I was referring to the version of the MC-130 Hercules the (YMC-130h) that was specially developed for the Iranian rescue mission. The aircraft in the picture below.


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Yeah Credible Sport. Could not recall the project name.

Not sure that is what FireFly was referring too.
Operation "CREDIBLE SPORT" Read at Wiki for More Info about Plane

other names of Prototype
XSC-130 H
YMC-130 H
YSC-130 H


here You tube video

that shows wat happen with First Prototype on frist flight


Ref: The modified C-130 for Iranian Rescue


During WW2 the Germans tested a modified DFS-230 assault glider with two rockets in the nose and a braking parachute. The braking rocket concept was never used in combat, though the braking parachute concept was used in the rescue of Mussolini. Also the Germans tested an auto-gyro version of the DFS-230 for vertical assault landings -- ie there were no main wings, just the rotor.

Finally, the whole Iranian Hostage Crisis was 100% proof that either the US Army or the USAF should have purchased the French Breguet 941. With its super STOL performance (without all the bells and whistles that other large STOL aircraft used to achieve the desired results) and short wing span, some braking rockets and take off rockets could have probably got it to land and take off in the distance required for the stadium.

Jack E. Hammond
that super STOL C-130 for the Iranian hostage crisis rescue program

this new video is very clear, cool
here the a older bad quality video on this mishap

KJ_Lesnick said:
Wow, that's pretty impressive.

Well, yes.....in a sort of "OMG, we're all gonna DIE!" kind of way ;)


Thomas L. Nielsen


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Anyone know the cause of the accident? (Yes I KNOW that stopping while still like 30 feet in the air could be considered the overall "cause" that's not what I mean :) ) Was it a malfunction or did someone hit the switch early?

That aircraft leaving Tehran seemingly straight up with those rockets firing would have been proof positive to the Mullahs that they were dealing with the "Great Satan"
Praetorian Starship actually has good information on CREDIBLE SPORT:
(it's available elsewhere too)

‘Top Secret America’: A look at the military’s Joint Special Operations Command By Dana Priest and William M. Arkin, Updated: Friday, September 2, 8:48 PM

The CIA’s armed drones and paramilitary forces have killed dozens of al-Qaeda leaders and thousands of its foot soldiers. But there is another mysterious organization that has killed even more of America’s enemies in the decade since the 9/11 attacks.

CIA operatives have imprisoned and interrogated nearly 100 suspected terrorists in their former secret prisons around the world, but troops from this other secret organization have imprisoned and interrogated 10 times as many, holding them in jails that it alone controls in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, this secretive group of men (and a few women) has grown tenfold while sustaining a level of obscurity that not even the CIA managed. “We’re the dark matter. We’re the force that orders the universe but can’t be seen,” a strapping Navy SEAL, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said in describing his unit.


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Topic split from an old Ryan VSTOL topic where it truly didn't belong!
YMC-130 H

Was there an AC-130 variant planned ? 'cause it would have been the YMCA-130. With a crew made of a native American, a soldier, a construction worker, a cowboy and leather-clad biker character with a horseshoe moustache - all gays.

As for the video - that crash is soooo ridiculous. Hope noone was hurt ? (save for the Herc' )
CREDIBLE SPORT DVD ad from Pilgrim Studios Facebook page


History of The Credible Sport Program DVD for sale.
Saturday, January 14, 2012
CREDIBLE SPORT YMC-130H: Military.com
CREDIBLE SPORT YMC-130H: Military.com
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Posted by CredibleSport at 10:37 PM 0 comments Links to this post
Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Credible Sport Information


"Iran Hostage rescue STOL Aircraft, code-named Credible Sport, in a DVD

ready to purchase.
The story includes Lockheed, C-130 Hercules aircraft, USAF, SuperSTOL

technology, and a surface to air recovery mission from Eglin AFB,

Florida to the Persian Gulf to rescue American hostages. Actual test

footage of modified C-130, order DVD online. You can own this amazing

Historical Aviation Footage today."

Credible Sport DVD case.

The DVD includes the Lockheed, C-130 Hercules aircraft, SuperSTOL

technology, tested at Wagner Field Eglin AFB, Florida. The DVD includes

test footage of a modified C-130 (see below for modifications).

You can own this amazing Historical Aviation Footage today." The true

account of what could have been the real "October 1980 Surprise" for the

Iranian students who held the 53 American Embassy employees Captive in

Iran for 444 days from November 4 1979 to January 20, 1981.
This terrorist act triggered the most profound crisis of the Carter

presidency and began a personal ordeal for Jimmy Carter and the American

people that lasted 444 days.

The DVD includes:

Project Credible Sport “TOP SECRET” VIDEO Transferred to Digital DVD

28:00 minutes long.

Still Photographs of the 4 Credible Sport aircraft.

The 1st YMC 130 on it's record breaking take off.
Credible Sport film 2:30.


Test of the Lockheed AC-130 SOFI Modified at Lockheed Ontario in

1989-1990. See China Lake Gun Range Footage. Watch Tanks explode in

flames. See the FLIR targeting image. Watch the 20 Gatling Gun the 40 MM

canon and the 105 MM Howitzer fire and watch the shells fly. Also over

80 Gunship interior photographs.
AC-130 Gunship.
See the Lockheed Ontario workers install the IRCM (Infrared counter

measures) and Chaff Dispensers on the C 130 deployed for the Bosnian

Airlift. Watch the Flares fire and the chaff disperse.

C-130 Launching Anti Missile Flares.

Watch as MC-130 E CLAMP 64-551 Piloted by Skip Davenport picks up a

package of 4 to 6 test packages with the Fulton Recovery Device from the

Edwards Air Force Base Dry Lake bed. The Projects goal was to enable the

Combat Talon MC-130 E Clamp aircraft equipped with the Fulton Recovery
Device to pick up 4 to 6 Soldiers, or operatives anywhere in the world.
MC-130 H picking up a package with the Sky Hook Fulton Recovery device.
MC-130 H taking off at Edwards AFB, CA.
Total DVD run time 49:00

An archive of Credible Sport Historical Documents.

This DVD package also, includes a CD, that Contains Credible Sport

Documentation in PDF format.

1. 1995 Sport files
2. August 1980 documents
3. Credible Sport familiarization Course
4. Chapter from Thigpen's Book Praetorian Star ship on Credible Sport
5. YMC-130 Accident Report
6. YMC-130 Baseline Drawings and Graphs.

Additional DVD info and order form http://crediblesport.blogspot.com/
An incredible effort really when you think of the time they had to conceive and put this extensive modification of the Hercules together! I think its such a pity that they never that little more time to prefect the concept and without such catastrophic consequence!

Pioneer said:
Some great in-depth info and drawings gents thank you!!



Gentlemen, I'll point out that the C-130 drawings on the "Combat Reform" website - not just the Credible Sport drawings but pretty much all of 'em - were copied off of the Credible Sport DVD, mentioned previously: http://crediblesport.blogspot.com/

A forum member (not me, BTW) went to some considerable effort to put that collection togther. If you find the drawings to be of interest and value, consider buying the DVD, so his efforts aren't completley wasted by someone else just posting his stuff.
famvburg said:
Where does it look like it's been shortened? It looks like standard one to me.

You're right ! It was the fin extension, that made me think, that the tail was shortened, sorry
well, now all of you just should go and order that DVD
pity that guy only gives printed order form for ordering while saying that he have Paypal payment option - and no contact e-mail seen
tried to contact him through Facebook page with no success so far
flateric said:
pity that guy only gives printed order form for ordering while saying that he have Paypal payment option - and no contact e-mail seen

If you click on the Paypal button waaaaaay down at the bottom, it takes you to an error page saying that "username" AT rocketmail.com is "currently unable to receive money." I emailed back and forth with him several times going on a year ago... same "username," but AT gmail.com. Maybe try contacting him there.

NOTE: I don't like giving out email addresses, so you'll have to do a few seconds investigative work here...
Link found on another site...



Fuselage of historic rocket plane arrives in Glenville
By Amy Biancolli
Updated 9:35 pm EDT, Friday, July 6, 2018

The fuselage of a rocket-boosted plane that was designed to rescue Americans during the Iran Hostage Crisis arrived just in the nick of time Friday evening at the Empire State Aerosciences Museum in Glenville, part of a piece-by-piece transfer of the historically significant craft from Robins Air Force Base in Georgia.

The truck carrying the fuselage experienced difficulties on its journey. After getting hung up by a traffic light on Route 155 in Guilderland at about 1 p.m., it had to park on the roadside for hours because its permit did not allow for transport during rush hour between 4 and 6 p.m. The truck then moved swiftly to make it to the museum before sundown, as the same permit did not allow travel after dark.

The truck and its State Police escorts arrived at the Schenectady County Airport moments after the sun set Friday evening.

The Lockheed YMC130H, which took part in the secret operation code-named Credible Sport, “was made to land in a soccer field – to land in 600 feet and take off in 600 feet, with a full load. And it was built to rescue the hostages in Iran in 1980,” said Dan Wilson, acquisitions officer at the museum and project director of the plane’s transfer.

The military-transport aircraft was one of three C-130’s retrofitted — with rocket engines and aerodynamic modifications allowing abrupt arrivals and departures — to aid the American hostages, who were held for 444 days after students supporting the Iranian Revolution seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

The first plane crashed on a test run.

The remaining two were no longer needed when the hostages were released moments after Ronald Reagan’s inauguration in January of 1981, and one was stripped of its retrofitting and returned to regular service. The other, which arrived Friday in Glenville, has spent the ensuing years at Robins Air Force Base, which has donated it to the Glenville museum.

“This is the most historic aircraft we ever got, and we’re honored to get it,” Wilson said.

The plane will be reassembled this September by a team from Robins Air Force Base, he said, adding that the museum hopes to obtain assistance in its subsequent renovation from the 109th Airlift Wing of the New York Air National Guard, stationed at the Stratton base in Schenectady.

Three tractor-trailers delivered the airplane’s wings and tail last week, Wilson said. The 97-foot-long fuselage arrived on a fourth Friday, with two more trucks coming in future weeks: one carrying four engines, the other carrying propellers.

He estimates “six to eight months” of painting and renovation – to give it “a totally authentic” look adhering to the original specifications -- before the plane is put on display at the Aerosciences Museum.

Its rockets will not be demonstrated live for visitors.

“Uh, no,” Wilson said.

69 transportation photos at the link above


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Glad to hear this YMC-130H will be restored!
Oh gosh, now I need to download that video and put the Village people YMCA as background...

Seriously, that aircraft should figure in the next Michael Bay movie. Plus the rockets could be used to fry into cinders, Iranian fanatics...
Hate it when a "cameraperson" sees something really important happening in the viewfinder and decides they need to see it with their own eyes and points the camera at the ground assuring that the best witness to what happened misses it! Would be good to have more than one camera for really important risky stuff.

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