Lockheed F-94E ?


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26 May 2006
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Of course we know the F-94D a single seat fighter-bomber version
of F-94C two sea all weather fighter,but in old magazine they spoke
about anther project called F-94E,does anyone know it ?.
It shold be interesting to know what old magazine mentioned the F-94E because
the F-94D was cancelled shortly before the prototype YF-94D was ready...
My dear lark,

The A-Z magazine,but I haven't now the issue number.
My dear lark,

The issue number was No.120, and they said that the proposal was not built.
From what I've read, it might could either be a proposed "trainer" version of the F-94C or one of the advanced F-94 developments studied under the L-204 number.
The F-94E is still a mystery...
I found no relation between the three L-204 variants
and the F-94E.
Not even mentioned in the F-94 chapter in the
Punam book about Lockeed. (Francillon).

Maybe there's a hint in the Aerofax title about the 'Starfire'.
Does anyone have sketches or specs for the F-94E, now that it's clear that F-94E had no relation to L-204?

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