Lockheed CL 408 (SST from 1958)

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13 August 2007
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i locking for Info about this SST proposal

Lockheed CL 480 from 1958

Wat me instrest is
Cruise speed, Range, Capacity and Internal look of the passenger cabin


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Not 480, it's CL-408, more precisely CL-408-15. That iteration was the heaviest, GTOW at 257.200 lbs. Passenger max 124, cruise speed Mach 3 and circa 70.000 feet. Sorry, no internal arrangement.
In The Aeroplane 1/1960 it's described as built for a speed of M 3 to 3.5 and a
weight of around 250.000lb, IF the development costs of around
160 million $ would be made available .
Then, unit price should have been about 9 million $ for a production run
of 200 a/c ... :D
Not 480, it's CL-408-15
that why i dint find it in internet :mad:

built for a speed of M 3 to 3.5
means stainless steel or titanium, and only 9 million $ for a production unit ?

still open question is the range
with 257.200 lbs is around Concorde (245,000 lb) last has range of 4,500 mi of 7250 km)
but with M 3 to 3.5 the range of CL 408-15 is under 4,250 mi of 6,400 km ?

no internal arrangement.
sad, but with 123 inch ø = 3,1242 Meter ø would be like this: 3 seat - small corridor - 2 Seat ?
AFAIK, the first SST projects requested by the Air Force as a dual (civil and military) trisonic multipurpose aircrafts were meant as trancontinental ranged (2000 miles). Yep, five abreast would make sense. And, BTW, the 3views and the art aren't of the same aircraft, probably different 408 iterations.
There's a marked difference between the color illustration and
the 3-view shown us...
Probably two different designs ?
Yes, Paul, two different iterations of the 408 model number
That was quick !
Thanks Marco..
Skybolt said:
AFAIK, the first SST projects requested by the Air Force as a dual (civil and military) trisonic multipurpose aircrafts were meant as transcontinental ranged (2000 miles).

2000 miles is to Short for civil transatlantic flight!
and the civil airlines will not buy K-135 Tankerplane for mid air refuel :-\

you need:
3450 miles range (N.Y. -> London)
3870 miles for N.Y. -> Frankfurt an Main (Germay)
but that to short for transpacific flight there you need 4000 miles rage
A.L. -> Hawaii refuel -> Tokyo

IMHO 4000 miles must be range
Another view of CL-408 and four different engine arrangement, which were windtunnel tested
for this design (the different wing planform wasn't mentioned in the translated article by
H.L.Hibbard and R.A.Bailey)
(from Interavia 10/1959)


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Umm, I have an old Interavia in which the 408 has this last wingform but with four separated engine on the rear part of wing with rather long exhaust pipe. I'll look for it.

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