Letov L-52 - 1947 Jet Fighter Project


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25 July 2007
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In 1947, a Letov design team, led by Ing. Pracharem and Ing. Záhorou, began work on a new, single-engined jet fighter. Their Letov L-52 design would be derived from the twin-jet Avia S-92 (Me-262A-1a), re-using some of that Messerschmitt design's components.

A single British jet engine would be housed in a near circular-section fuselage with an oval nose intake. This fuselage would break behind the low-set wings to facilitate engine changes and maintenance.

Initially, power was to be provided by a 3,664 lb st/16.3 kN Rolls-Royce Derwent (presumably referring to the 3,500 lb st/15.6 kN Derwent V). Later, it was decided that the engine model installed would depend upon role. Front-line fighters would be fitted with the 5,000 lb st (22.3 kN) Rolls-Royce Nene. The tandem-seat fighter-trainers would retain the less powerful Derwent V.

On both variants, the complete S-92 empennage would be retained (with the addition of a large dorsal fin). For the fighter-trainer, the S-92 wings would also be unchanged (other than the wing-mounted Malesice M-04B/Jumo 004 engines being deleted). For the fighter version, the wings were of slightly enlarged area and refined planform.

Based on a description in the Valka forum on Czech Air Force which, in turn, was based on Letectví a Kosmonautika, 6/1993 (article by Z. Pátek, R. Theiner).


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Thanks for checking Tophe. It would be nice to know more about this project.

Obiously, it was cancelled for political reasons. Still, its easy to imagine a production version flying with the Klimov RD-45 in lieu of Nenes...

BTW, did you see the pre-WWII Letov S.15 transport study with vertically-arranged twin-booms?
MiBr said:
hi guys,
something I found in my archive... ;D

Michal Bradáč

It would be great if you find any other info/pictures of this remarkable project.

Best regards,

there was anther Project,the L-152,it was a modern version of L-52.

My dear Apophenia,

from the same source,here is a small Info about Letov L-152.


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Thanks Hesham. The text is just saying that there was mention of an improved variant, the L-152, "of which, however, further details [are] unknown."

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