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26 May 2006
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that designer had a series of aircraft and projects,
such as RL-1,2,8,12,16,19,20,21,24,010,016,020,021,022
and 030.
RL-11 was research aircraft (not sure).
040 and 050 are not known.
do you have any informations about them ?.


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As you are mentioning the "RL" types , I think, you've made the same mistake,
than me some years ago : There were TWO Rene Leducs, one, the better known,
the designer of the ramjet powered types, the other, born at St. Père-on-Retz,
designed light aircraft.
Here are the Leduc 20 and the RL-20 designed by the "second" Rene Leduc.
The differences aer clearly visible ....

Good source for both is Docavia "René Leduc - Pionnier de la propulsion à réaction"


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The Leduc 40 was planned as an operational variant, very similar
to the Leduc 22.
The Leduc 50 designs were envisaged as manned or unmanned
bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, which should take-off with
the help of rocket powered chariots. Single and twin engined
variants were designed, SNCASE and SNCAC designed two


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Great thanks to you my dear Jemiba,

It's amazing answer from you my dear,and sorry for RL-11, I wrote it wrong
and the right is 011 research aircraft,do you know it ?.
The Leduc 011 was a proposal for an operational version of the
Leduc 010, as a mixed propulsion fighter/interceptor. It would
have been more or less the same fuselage as the 010, with a
wing with straight leading edge and two piston engines, either
Regnier 6G or Bearn , and 1 or two 20mm guns, carried in the
wing root. Crew would have consisted of two.
(Drawing from the above mentioned Docavia)

P.S.: And I have the feeling, that at least after the last posts,
this thread should be moved to the "Postwar secret projects"
section, although some of them are pre-war stuff ... :-\


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Ok my dear Jemiba,

and thank you very much,if you know anther aircraft to that designer
not mention in this topic please tell us,Re thanks.
You list, divided into the two designers is even more comprehensive,
than I could have done, as I couldn't find the RL-8 .
I just can add some details :

- First patent for a ram jet powered aircraft in 1934
- Development of the type which later became the 010
began in 1937, first designs with skid or 3 wheeled
monotrace undercarriage
- Leduc 010, first prototype, first free flight in 1947, first
ignition of the ramjet in 1949. Two aircraft were built.
- Leduc 011, derivative of the 010 with diferent wing and
two piston engines
- Leduc 012, bomber version, very similar to the 010
- Leduc 016 was basically a 010 with two Marbore I jets at
the wing tips, .
- Leduc 020, enlarged version of the 010/016, which led to the
- Leduc 021, two aircraft built.

up to the 021 none of the built types could take off on
its own power, but had to be launched piggy back

- The Leduc 022 was designed as a Mach 2 interceptor and had an
additional ATAR 101 D3, and so was able to take off on own power.
- Leduc 030, project for a twin fuselage supersonic interceptor,
with a central wing
- Leduc 040, light interceptor
- Leduc 050, projects for single or twin engined, manned and unmanned
bomber/recce aircraft.For the "robot" versions, a maximum range of
up to 6000km was envisaged, max. speed Mach 3 to 4. All designs
were destined for "one mission only "


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Leduc 015 was a supersonic interceptor project.


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