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24 October 2009
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Ladoga - superiorly protected vehicle, created in 80-s on the T-80 chassis, this remarkable vehicle was designed to be used in case of 3world war by officials and specialists. This system modification is shown below -




Created by OAO Sptsmash by the order of main Armor department the new prototype on picture was ordered by the main department of special programs of the President of Russian Federation. The main features of the "Ladoga" is an outstanding protection against both blast and radiation factors, autonomous air generation cycle (just like used on space stations), outstanding maneuverability. The hull front and crew placement is from perspective tank.

The first prototypes of the "Ladoga" were used during the disaster on Chernobyl nuclear power station.

Note the difference with new variant.
So it's a mobile Civil Defence command post? How many are covered by the initial production order?

EDIT: Just read it again, and realised that it was talking about a new prototype and not production examples. Woops!
what about those pictures?

One of the Ladoga prototypes being chased by an FPV drone AIUI.

There is at least one kept in museum, but since LKZ only made like four or five of them, they are definitely a rare creature.

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